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Rep. Babin Votes Against Short-Term Government Spending Bill

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) issued the following statement today regarding his vote against the passage of legislation that would fund the federal government through December 9, 2016:

“I believe this was a missed opportunity – and I am deeply disappointed that this legislation failed to include much-needed and widely supported checks on the President and his foolish plans to relinquish U.S. leadership over the Internet and bring in more poorly-vetted Syrian refugees into America.  My constituents sent me to Washington to stand up for them against the status-quo and the dangerous policies of this Administration. Unfortunately, this bill falls short in that endeavor.  Seventy percent of the American people believe the United States is on the wrong track and it’s time we do more to change that.” 

NOTE: Rep. Babin is an original cosponsor of a substitute conservative Continuing Resolution (CR), H.J. RES. 99, that would have responsibly funded the federal government through February 2017 while also blocking President Obama’s unconstitutional and reckless policies and programs.