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Babin Statement on Government Funding Vote

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36) issued the following statement after voting against the conference report to fund the government.

“I am very disappointed that the conference report to fully fund our government comes nowhere close to addressing the humanitarian and security crisis at our border and, in reality, takes several steps backwards. It includes neither the funding levels nor specific provisions our border security professionals say is necessary, and limitations on how we can spend what little funding it ostensibly sets aside for barriers will prohibit most of it from ever being spent. Further, language in the bill incentivizes even more illegality by hamstringing law enforcement’s ability to detain those illegally crossing our border. It will also exacerbate the worsening humanitarian problem of criminals bringing unaccompanied minors on the dangerous trek across Mexico to avoid deportation by claiming phony guardianship. We all want to reopen the government, but we can’t give away the farm to do it. This bill will do nothing significant to secure our borders and will in fact set back our border and national security efforts, therefore I cannot support it.