1 of 3 Texans With Perfect Score for 2016

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Babin Statement on the Firing of FBI Director James Comey
May 11, 2017
Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) issued the following statement today in response to President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey: “Over the past year, the integrity and credibility of the FBI has been severely damaged under the leadership of Director Comey and his mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. This has been a criticism universally shared by members of both parties, including the Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, who... More
Press Releases
Rep. Babin Earns 100% Rating from American Conservative Union
May 9, 2017
Washington, DC – On Monday, May 1st, 2017, the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACU) presented U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36) with the 2016 Award for Conservative Excellence for his perfect 100% conservative voting record in the 115th Congress. Rep. Babin was one of only three Texas Congressmen to receive a perfect score in 2016 and is one of only seven Members of Congress to have a 100% lifetime conservative rating. “It is a great honor to be recognized by the ACU for having one of the mo... More
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Babin working to ensure o'care repeal
May 4, 2017
Babin Working to Ensure O'care Repeal The Baytown Sun By Matt Hollis View Online With another potential vote on repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, known as Obamacare, on the horizon, U.S. Rep. Brian Babin has made his stance known. “He supports it and is working hard to get the votes needed to pass it,” said Jimmy Milstead, Babin’s spokesman, on Wednesday. Babin is the U.S. Congressional representative for the 36th District, which includes the greater Baytown ar... More
Press Releases
Babin Votes Against $1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill
May 3, 2017
Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) issued the following statement today after voting against the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill: “I voted against this $1 trillion government funding bill because it fails to include so many of the goals and priorities that President Trump – and the Republican Congress – were elected to carry out. The reality is, when we hamstring the Republican majority by catering legislation to meet the Senate’s 60 vote supermajority threshold, we are essentially ... More
Opinion Pieces
Why We Must End The Abuse Of The Senate Filibuster
May 2, 2017
Why We Must End The Abuse Of The Senate Filibuster The Daily Caller Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) May 2, 2017 | View Online Every day in Washington since January 20, 2017 has been a day for the history books. By executive order and the Congressional Review Act (which, of note, only requires a simple majority in the Senate), President Trump has been able to roll back significant regulatory overreach by his predecessor and replace it with common-sense principles that will allow our economy to grow and m... More
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