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We’re off to a great start under Trump’s first 100 days

We’re off to a great start under Trump’s first 100 days

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX)
The Hill | April 28, 2017
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For far too long, Washington has been a place that is driven by empty rhetoric and broken promises – resulting in very little from ever getting done. During the first 100 days of the Trump administration, we have seen a president following through on his promises.

While you will surely hear the naysayers on TV and radio badmouthing this administration, what matters most are the actions we are seeing that will improve the lives, security, jobs and economic opportunity for hardworking Americans across the country.

First, let’s look at the numbers. President Trump has enacted more bills in the first 100 days than any president in a half century.

✓ Enacted 28 bills into law – rolling back excessive and job-killing Obama-era regulations;

✓ Signed 25 Executive Orders – approving Keystone XL pipeline and eliminating wasteful government bureaucracy;

✓ Driven illegal border crossings to a 17-year low – restoring the rule of law and deporting criminal aliens;

✓ Oversaw creation of over 500,000 new jobs – restoring confidence in American jobs and encouraging investment in U.S. economy: and

✓ Confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court – first time to happen in the first 100 days since 1881.

So, what does this mean to you and your family?  It means better job opportunities, fewer hidden taxes, more freedom and safer communities.

When it comes to jobs and the economy, your family is better protected after the first 100 days of this administration. In Congress, we have worked with President Trump to actually rollback excessive and expensive regulations that drive up the cost of everything – including your electricity bills, grocery bills, mortgages and even the cost of putting money aside for your retirement. The Obama administration never saw an aspect of your life that they did not want to “improve” with Washington intervention. 

Those days of big government intervention are over and we are now on a path to restore economic freedom and personal responsibility.

Putting the safety and security of the American people first has been a top priority for President Trump.  Our communities are safer as the new administration is deporting criminal aliens and improving vetting for those who seek to enter the U.S. from terrorist hotspots. Illegal border crossings have dramatically dropped under President Trump – cutting the flow of illegal drugs and foreign gang members.

The American people should be very encouraged by the president’s efforts to restore America’s standing on the world stage – sending a starkly clear signal to brutal dictators around the world through his decisive military strike on Syria in response to their use of chemical weapons. On former President Obama’s watch, North Korea was allowed to enhance their nuclear and missile technology and the flawed Iran nuclear deal enabled the Iranian regime to continue their weapons and missile technology programs. Those days are over as President Trump has redirected America’s strength to putting the security of the American people and our allies first.

This is only the start, but we are moving in a strikingly different direction than the malaise days of the Obama era. 

The ObamaCare experiment has been a dismal failure for most Americans as they are paying thousands of dollars more in premiums and deductibles. ObamaCare is in a death spiral and we are working to repeal and replace that law with legislation that restores healthcare freedom and affordability.

The underachieving economy of the Obama years will continue to be replaced with strong growth in jobs and higher wages, particularly as we cut taxes for working families and businesses. This, combined with the end of overregulation, will lead to robust economic growth not seen since the Reagan years. 

Liberal elites don’t like what they see. But like me, President Trump does not work for them. We are fighting to improve the lives of hardworking Americans – and the first 100 days are a great start.

Babin represents the 36th District of Texas.