As someone who served on my local school board, I understand that parents, teachers and local school boards are in the best position to implement school policies. Since the creation of the federal Department of Education in Washington under then-President Jimmy Carter in 1980, things have gotten worse – not better. The Obama Administration proved it was only interested in consolidating this decision-making authority in Washington. I am working with the Trump Administration to take steps to decentralize our education system and return the power to where it belongs.

Simply put, I trust local school boards, parents and teachers more than bureaucrats in Washington, DC. They are more accountable to the voters and to parents, and they are more responsive and attentive to the needs of students. Anyone who is a parent understands that each child is different and learns differently. The one-size-fits-all approaches increasingly dictated from Washington over the past several decades have failed our children, and it is long past due that we return more power and authority to states and localities.