Immigration Enforcement

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America is a nation of immigrants AND a nation of laws. I’m extremely pleased that the Trump Administration has taken swift action to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and has rolled back many of the Obama Administration’s negligent immigration policies. Unfortunately, by refusing to secure our borders and enforce the laws on the books, the Obama Administration encouraged unprecedented illegal immigration and essentially left our borders unsecured. That has changed and Americans are safer because of it.

Those seeking to enter the U.S. should do so through the legal process that is already in place. Through Executive Order and enforcing laws already on the books, the Trump Administration has taken significant steps to secure our border, deport dangerous criminal aliens and penalize sanctuary cities that fail to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. I applaud this enforcement of our immigration law and am leading efforts in Congress to see our national security put first.

Border Security The first step in addressing our nation’s broken immigration system is to secure our borders. The failure to secure our nation’s borders leads to further illegal immigration, while leaving us vulnerable to those seeking to cross the border to cause us harm. I have toured the Southwest border with law enforcement on several occasions and met with those living along the border. I saw the severity of the situation firsthand. Simply put, leaving our border unsecured puts the safety of the American people at risk. We are taking the necessary steps to secure our border and ensure the states have the resources they need to adequately protect those borders. This includes building border fences, walls and other structures and surveillance to deter and stop illegal entry.

Deporting Criminal Aliens –
In one of his first Executive Orders in office, President Trump directed federal immigration officers to prioritize the deportation of criminal aliens. I sponsored legislation, H.R. 82, The Criminal Alien Deportation Act, that would take the President Trump’s actions a step further by cutting off federal foreign aid and visas to countries that do not take back their criminal aliens. Previous Administration’s have released criminal aliens back onto U.S. streets because their countries of origins refused to take them back – the Trump Administration is forcing these countries to take them back. My bill would would codify this policy in law and cut off foreign aid and visas to any country that refuses to take back one of their criminal aliens.

Penalizing Sanctuary Cities – Sanctuary cities represent a flagrant disregard for U.S. law and the safety of the American people. Several municipal entities have made it a practice to release already detained individuals that federal immigration officials have identified for deportation. This irresponsible policy has resulted in thousands of Americans being the victims of horrendous crimes, such as child molestation, sexual assault and rape, drunk driving and homicide. I support the Trump Administration’s decision to cut off Department of Justice grants to these sanctuary cities and I am working with like-minded colleagues in Congress to cut off other funding streams to these entities until they comply with federal immigration law.
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