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Babin: Let's Ignite the Flame of Commercial Space and Propel the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Brian Babin (TX-36) voted today for House passage of the SPACE Act (H.R. 2262), legislation he cosponsored that advances commercial space through encouraging private sector investment, creating more stable and predictable regulatory conditions, and improving safety. The SPACE ACT, which is widely supported in the space industry, will advance U.S. leadership in space and foster new technologies through commercial development.

Babin spoke on the House floor in support of the SPACE Act and urged his colleagues to join him in voting to secure America’s standing as the home of commercial space exploration. To view the video, please click here. Below are excerpts of his remarks:

“Let’s face it, in any field, no American entrepreneur is going to invest billions of dollars of their own money where there is regulatory uncertainty. The SPACE Act of 2015 creates a regulatory framework and provides certainty for these privately financed endeavors to take the next steps.

“This legislation will bolster thousands of high-tech American jobs -- building a stronger economy, advancing technological leadership, and strengthening our nation’s industrial base. America has always prospered because we have not stood in the way of visionaries but rather found a way to enable them to take a chance and succeed on their own.

“A vote for this bill is a vote to ignite the flame of commercial space and propel the American entrepreneurial spirit beyond our world and into the final frontier. Passing this bill tells the world that America is the home for commercial space.”