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Babin Issues Statement Supporting President Trump Executive Order

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36), who has been a leading critic of America’s United Nations (UN)-led refugee resettlement program, issued the following statement today in support of President Trump’s executive order on extreme vetting:

“I commend President Trump for delivering on his campaign pledge to put a common-sense pause on a broken refugee program and immigration system that has serious national security gaps and is in desperate need of repair.  

“By temporarily restricting entry into the United States from several nations that were established as terrorist hotspots by the Obama Administration, President Trump is doing exactly what he promised the American people he would do – and that’s put their safety, security and well-being first.  

“This is not a radical idea.  In fact, polls show a majority of Americans support such a plan.  It is also not a new idea.  President Obama did the same thing in 2011 by suspending Iraqi refugee admissions for six months.  The Trump Administration has simply stepped up the screening of those entering the U.S. from these seven countries, which were designated as terrorism hotspots by the Obama Administration.

“As I have been saying for nearly two years, the refugee resettlement program poses a clear and present danger to the American people. We were told by President Obama’s own DHS, FBI and DNI Directors that U.S. intelligence officials cannot properly vet or screen refugees coming from Syria and other terrorist hot spots.  We have seen the deadly consequences in Europe as ISIS has already successfully infiltrated its refugee population.  Why repeat the same mistakes here?

“As a compassionate Christian, I believe we can and should help displaced refugees by caring for them in safe zones near their own countries. In fact, for the cost of bringing one refugee into America, we can help at least twelve refugees in safe zones.

“The President’s executive order will ensure our U.S. intelligence agencies have time to strengthen the vetting system and close this gaping hole in our national security.  President Trump has my full support.”