Defense and National Security

As the son of a WWII veteran, a veteran myself, and the father of a decorated Navy SEAL, I understand first-hand the importance of maintaining a strong, robust military. Our Armed Forces must be second to none and fully prepared, at all times, to defend the U.S. and our interests at home and abroad. We must ensure that when our troops are called into action, they have superiority on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is more interested in mixing social politics into our military than ensuring our warfighters are well-equipped for battle. Undermining our military readiness threatens our national security and ability to defend America’s freedoms.

Our adversaries are many; peace through strength must be our goal. I am fighting in Congress to make certain every dollar spent on national security is for the good of our troops and the American taxpayer.

“Peace is a fragile thing that needs constant vigilance… we have adversaries in the world and challenges. The only way to meet them and maintain the peace is by staying strong.” – Ronald Reagan