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Babin Votes Against $1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

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Washington, May 3, 2017 | comments

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) issued the following statement today after voting against the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill:

“I voted against this $1 trillion government funding bill because it fails to include so many of the goals and priorities that President Trump – and the Republican Congress – were elected to carry out. The reality is, when we hamstring the Republican majority by catering legislation to meet the Senate’s 60 vote supermajority threshold, we are essentially giving Senate Democrat leaders a veto over our legislative and spending priorities. While this bill includes several positive provisions, such as a boost in defense spending, it fails to provide new funding for the border wall or end taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities. We must deliver on our promises to the American people and put an end to the abuse of the Senate filibuster that is obstructing President Trump’s conservative agenda.”

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