Fiscal Responsibility

America is facing a debt crisis unlike anything we have ever seen. Over the last two years of united Democrat control, federal spending has ballooned dramatically. Despite record-high revenues, Democrat spending continues to leave us with record-high deficits. Clearly, Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.

Both parties have contributed to our debt over the years, but we can no longer afford to ignore this problem. The former Joints Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Mike Mullen, stated in 2011 that the national debt was the greatest threat to our nation. It is immoral to saddle future generations of Americans – our grandchildren and great-grandchildren – with such an incomprehensible fiscal burden.

At nearly $32 trillion, America’s level of debt is unsustainable. I am pushing policies that work to balance our budget by eliminating wasteful spending, unleashing domestic energy, lowering inflation, strengthening our economy, and protecting Social Security and Medicare. We must set ourselves on a path back to fiscal stability and get off this runaway train, plummeting us toward fiscal ruin.