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The Will to Kill

As originally posted by the Washington Times on June 29, 2022.

By Rep. Brian Babin 
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Since the inception of this great Republic, firearms have represented freedom, protection from tyranny, and the ability to defend oneself and one’s country. 

I come from a family of outdoorsmen and conservationists who share the same core convictions our Founding Fathers had – convictions rooted in God-given rights. Amongst these, as stated in the Constitution, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Founders gave us the means by which to protect these inalienable rights through the Second Amendment.

I was taught growing up that with gun ownership came the responsibility to defend the innocent, stand up for justice, fight against evil, and steward our land responsibly.

I am not alone in these beliefs.

Unfortunately, our society is now undergoing a crisis of morality that has penetrated all fronts. Our nation’s deep-rooted values – that for generations guided us – are being tossed aside. Now, at every turn, we see an emerging culture that lacks moral integrity and politicizes violence. The media provoke polarization on every issue we face, creating dangerous division among our fellow countrymen.

Americans have traded decency for deviance, justice for wokeness – the country as we know it is in crisis. This disheartening concept became a reality recently in both Uvalde and Buffalo. Innocent and precious lives were taken by evil men who turned anger and hatred into violence. Why? 

Once we accept that this is a crisis of morality, we are faced with the truth: gun control will not fix the unraveling of human decency.
It won’t be fixed by expanding red flag laws that strip Americans’ right to due process. We’ll see lawfully-owned firearms seized before the accused even have an opportunity to contest the allegations against them.

It won’t be fixed by implementing arbitrary waiting periods for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. It’s unthinkable that 18-year-olds use firearms to defend our country abroad, yet we treat them as second-class citizens when they want to protect their own homes.

More gun control is not the solution. De-escalating the will to kill is. While the Left has labeled guns as the cause of violence, we know that they are only one of many means. Take away one instrument, and others will replace it. We’ve seen it all before. We’ve watched as trucks have plowed through Christmas parades and bombs have exploded during marathons. Gun control will not fix the sad and immoral hold that violence has on those with the will to kill.  

We must address mental health issues while supporting responsible gun ownership; we must protect our neighborhoods and communities while equipping and supporting our law enforcement, and we must protect our Constitutional right to protect ourselves. If we are truly interested in saving innocent lives, we must focus on unraveling the will to kill.