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Babin Responds to FBI Warning Exposing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in ELDs

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) released the following statement after a warning was given by the FBI’s Cyber Division highlighting how electronic logging devices (ELDs) could be vulnerable to exploitation by cyber hackers. Congressman Babin forecasted these cybersecurity risks in 2017, while leading the effort in Congress requesting a delay in ELD implementation until this issue, and others, were addressed. Specifically, his letter to President Trump stated:

The ELD device required by the regulation doesn’t just sit in the cab of a truck and monitor motion. It connects directly to the engine and onboard computer of the vehicle itself. The implications of this are particularly profound. There is simply no assurance at this time that these ELDs, which are being manufactured with components from around the world and sold by numerous companies across America, are safe from a cyberattack that could cause these trucks, many of which carry hazardous materials, to inflict terror on Americans. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association recently commissioned a study by leading security experts laying out this troubling issue, and I have enclosed a summary of it with this letter.

“Our country cannot jeopardize its national security because of the potential dangers posed by ELDs,” said Babin. “I immediately recognized these cyber concerns years ago and urged the Administration to delay the mandate in order to avoid this issue entirely and protect the privacy and intellectual property of American businesses and truck drivers. Since the requested delay did not occur, we must now meet this threat head-on. ELD suppliers should not be allowed to sell devices that lack cybersecurity protection or quality assurance guarantees.

“I will continue to work with the President’s team to fix this problem and ensure our businesses, citizens, and homeland remain safe.”