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Babin Votes No on Impeachment

Washington, December 18, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) released the following statement after voting against the articles of impeachment brought to the floor of the House of Representatives tonight.

“Today was a dark day in American history,” said Rep. Babin. “House Democrats have shamefully voted to remove President Donald Trump from office with zero concrete evidence of any wrongdoing. Speaker Pelosi’s legacy will be forever stained by the only partisan impeachment vote in U.S. history – despite promising the American people that if the House was going to vote on impeachment there must be overwhelming evidence and bipartisan support.

“Because Democratic leadership has bowed to their radical left wing, they are willing to make all future Presidential elections invalid until judged worthy by the majority in the House of Representatives. Our founders never intended for impeachment to be used as a political weapon or an alternative to election results.

“We are a democratic, constitutional republic in which power flows from ‘We the People’ to our President and elected representatives. The President does not serve at the pleasure of the United States Congress. He serves at the pleasure of the American people.

“I look forward to watching this disgraceful charade die in the U.S. Senate so that all of Congress can finally get back to the work of the American people.”