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Babin Issues Statement on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Brian Babin (TX-36) released the following statement after voting against the Senate-passed Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (H.R. 1191):

“Allowing a nuclear-armed Iran would be the worst national security mistake of our lifetime. In my view, this bill falls short of what is needed to prevent a nuclear Iran. I cannot support any effort that condones President Obama’s appeasement to the Iranian regime – nor can I support a measure that limits the ability of Congress to stop a bad deal with Iran.

“This bill could have included critical amendments to require Iran to submit to full intrusive inspections of all their civil and military nuclear sites, fully recognize Israel’s right to exist, and give Congress the final say on whether to approve this deal – not just offer a resolution of disapproval which President Obama can easily veto. Most of these amendments would have passed with strong, bipartisan support, but they were not even considered at the President’s request. My support for a nuclear-free Iran could not be stronger, but when these important provisions were rejected, the bill lost my support.

“On May 1st the House unanimously adopted my amendment to impose a restriction on the ability of the Obama Administration to use federal funds in any deal with Iran that falls short of requiring the country to end its pursuit and development of nuclear weapons. I made it clear that we must draw a line when it comes to negotiating with Iran. Unfortunately, H.R. 1191 fails to address these concerns. You already have the Obama Administration interpreting the nuclear deal framework one way and Iran the opposite. That should be a clear warning that we are heading down the dangerous path of a nuclear-armed Iran. I will do everything I can to derail this situation.”