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Joining Trish Regan Primetime on Fox Business
 If we are not to house the 80,000 – 100,000 illegal immigrants crossing our borders EVERY MONTH in immigration detention centers – that have been in place since President Obama was in office – where would Democrats like to put them? How are immigration enforcement officials and U.S. citizens supposed to know WHO is breaking our laws to enter into this great nation if we no longer have detention centers? Most immigrants that have already been released into the interior of the nation are never seen again.

The repeated calls by members of the Democratic Party to close these facilities and abolish ICE do nothing but endanger American citizens.

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Touring the Sabine Neches Navigation District and Port of Beaumont
Earlier this week, I had a helicopter tour of the Sabine Neches Navigation District with Director Randy Reece, Port of Beaumont Director Chris Fisher, and Lt. Colonel Gordon Vincent to observe industry expansion throughout the region and projects along the Neches River.
This waterway provides a valuable resource to the area’s economy with jobs, energy, and exciting new opportunities.
After, I received a ground tour of the Port of Beaumont with Port Director Fisher and Lt. Colonel Vincent.
The Port of Beaumont is the nation's leading port for strategic military outload, the third fastest growing port, and ranks 5th in tonnage – having already broken a cargo record this year with more than 6 million tons so far.
What Liberal Immigration Policies Allow
A 45-year-old illegal alien was able to carry on a four-year relationship with a 13-year-old girl while living under the protection of a sanctuary city in California. This is what liberal immigration policies allow – a refuge for illegal criminal aliens.

This illegal alien was arrested on 437 felony charges, including:

          • 156 counts of aggravated child sexual assault
  • 52 counts of oral copulation with a minor
          • 5 counts of sexual penetration by force or fear
      • 1 count of continual sexual abuse of a child

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Veterans Advocate Roundtable
On Tuesday afternoon, I hosted a veterans advocate roundtable in Deer Park with leaders from the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, VA Houston Regional Benefit Office, Houston National Cemetery, several veterans service organizations, and representatives from the private sector. We discussed a wide range of issues including holding VA employees accountable for their actions (or lack thereof), speeding up the benefits appeal process, the implementation of the MISSION Act, and private sector hiring of veterans.
As a veteran myself, son of a WWII veteran, and father of a decorated Navy SEAL, one of my top priorities in Congress is doing everything I can to ensure American veterans receive and have access to the care that they deserve. These types of meetings help me and my staff better serve the 50,000 veterans residing in TX-36.
If you are a veteran in need of assistance, do not hesitate to contact my office!

Attending the Baytown Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
Thanks to the Baytown Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to speak on Tuesday.
We discussed many of the important issues to Chambers County, including the need for strong ports and infrastructure, plant safety, passage of the USMCA, and how to keep our economy strong and growing.
Great article in the Baytown Sun - click to read below!

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Working to Pass the USMCA
As we head back into session tomorrow, I hope House Democrats will work with us to get the much needed USMCA bill passed into law.
KFDM's Connect to Congress
I joined Beaumont's KFDM Channel 6 News for a Connect to Congress interview on Thursday. We spoke about the need for the TAPS Act (H.R. 838) to be passed into law, America's booming economy, and securing our southern border.

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Photo of the Week
I ran into Dale Foux, manager at Shrimp Boat Manny's in Livingston, this week. If you live in or around Southeast Texas you have most likely seen these crosses in many yards – well Dale is the man who makes them! The words painted on each cross read "Jesus is Lord," and they could not be anymore true.
Receiving the Champion of Chemistry Award
  It is an honor to receive the Champion of Chemistry Award from the American Chemistry Counsel (ACC).
I have appreciated the backing of this terrific organization for several years. Texas's 36th Congressional District has more petrochemical plants and refineries than any other congressional district in the country. Having the support of the ACC in Congress is critical to the success of America's economy in this industry. I would like to thank the ACC again for this tremendous distinction.
 Harold Mann Radio Show
 It is always great to visit with Beaumont radio host, Harold Mann, when I am in the area. 
Speaking at the Houston Oil Forum
  For far too long, America has been dependent on the oil of other countries, which placed our national security at risk many times in the past – but no longer. With the help and leadership of the Lone Star State, America will never have to look elsewhere for oil again.
Our nation's ability to drill and refine oil on our own soil not only provides millions of jobs and is a leading producer for our economy, it also gives our country stronger security and a leg up in trade negotiations.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to speak at the Houston Oil Forum on Wednesday.
A Stop At Spindletop 
 In January of 1901, a well on top of Spindletop Hill, created by a salt deposit deep underground, struck oil. The gusher blew for more than a week, producing an estimated 100,000 barrels per day.
Soon, a thriving oil industry grew around the Spindletop oil fields and still flourishes today. 
 Celebrating Labor Day
 Labor Day, a national holiday in recognition of America’s workers, was celebrated on Monday for the 125th time. I hope everyone had a safe, enjoyable day off. I did a little fishing myself!