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Communist China's Not Our Friend
Communist China’s not our friend, and it’s using TikTok to infiltrate our higher ed systems to cheat and steal from us.

My new bill will ensure this compromised app is banned from our college/university devices!

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Another Tragedy
DHS released this MS-13 gang member into the country just months before he raped and murdered this woman.

Secretary Mayorkas’ negligence is costing Americans their lives.

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Introducing Articles of Impeachment Against Alejandro Mayorkas

Ignoring court orders.

Refusing to detain illegals.

Failing to maintain operational control of the southern border.

These are just some of the ways Secretary Mayorkas has failed to uphold his sworn oath and the rule of law.

He must be impeached!

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 Enough Already
 The American flag should be the ONLY flag waving outside of our embassies – period.

Enough with the wokeness.

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If Socialism Wins, America Loses
Socialism belongs on the ash heap of history.

If it wins, America loses.

I hit on this and more on Newsmax – watch below!

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Actions Have Consequences
Rep. Ilhan Omar’s years of anti-Semitic comments, downplaying 9/11, and comparing the U.S. to a terrorist organization make her unfit to sit on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

On Thursday, House Republicans removed her from it.

Actions have consequences.
 The Pandemic Is Over
Biden said it in September: the pandemic is over!

On Tuesday, I voted to end the Covid health emergency and require federal employees to return to the office – like the rest of America.

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Biden's EPA Is Targetting U.S. Farmers and Ranchers
Anyone with sense can tell the difference between a lake and a puddle.

Clearly, the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA don’t have any.

Drain the swamp!

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Do You Feel Safe?
Biden's DHS freed more than 1,000 criminal aliens in December.

Does this foolishness make you feel safe?

It shouldn't.

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 Meeting with Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson
We had a positive discussion about foreign policy and strengthening the UK/U.S. alliance with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday!
 Calling on Biden to Sanction Turkey
 Congressman Kevin Hern (OK-01) and I led more than 40 GOP members in demanding Biden enact sanctions on Turkey for its $500,000 bounty on Enes Freedom, a law-abiding U.S. citizen.

Turkey’s human rights abuses don’t befit a NATO ally.

Biden must hold President Erdogan accountable!

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 We Cannot Let This Stand
 “The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles upon which it was founded.” - Montesquieu

As true today as it was in 1748.

The conservatives’ right to free speech is decaying through censorship and de-platforming. We cannot let this stand.

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Recognizing JSC Director Wyche
I was proud to present NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) Director Vanessa Wyche with a Congressional Record and U.S. flag, flown over the Capitol in her honor, at BAHEP’s 2023 Quasar Awards last week.
Vanessa deserves every recognition for her years of leadership at JSC and her contribution to our space program.

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We Must Fight for Our Fiscal Future
Biden’s increased spending by $10 trillion over the last two years, a record for a new president.

We’re $31.4 trillion in debt.

If we don’t act now, we can kiss our fiscal future goodbye.

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Visiting with Chancellor Sharp
It was great visiting with Texas A&M University Chancellor John Sharp in Washington, DC, last week. Gig’em!
Attending the National Gathering of Prayer and Repentance
On Wednesday morning, I participated in the National Gathering of Prayer and Repentance hosted by the Museum of the Bible.

I prayed that God shows us His mercy, we bring glory to His name, and we keep our faith in Him always.

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Congress Must Act
 Washington's new criminal code will make our nation’s capital unsafe for residents and visitors.

Congress has no choice but to act.

Democrat soft-on-crime policies are endangering lives!

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Holding Antifa Accountable
 Antifa rioters have caused nearly $2 billion in property damage.

These are NOT peaceful protestors.

They’re extremists that need to be held accountable for their crimes!

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Biden Has Abandoned Us
NYC Mayor Adams says he doesn’t know who’s overseeing the border crisis at the White House.

Does anyone? We know it’s not VP Harris, Biden’s appointed Border Czar.

This administration’s abandoned us, which is why Texas took action.

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Looking Back
Here’s a throwback for you – my 1958 Spindletop Little League baseball team in Beaumont, Texas.

Great team, terrific coaches, and lasting memories! 

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REMINDER: Look at Your Passport!
 If you’re planning to travel out of the country, ensure your passport is valid!

With international travel restrictions continuing to be lifted, processing times for passport renewals/new passports are still increasing.

Plan ahead, so that you can enjoy your trip!

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SHOT Act (H.R. 646)
This bill eliminates the ATF’s newly created federal registry for firearms with stabilizing braces.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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