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The Left's Lust for Power Is Endless

I joined Wake Up America on Newsmax TV earlier this week to discuss the Democrats' push to pack the Supreme Court and keep our borders open, showing their endless lust for power.

They don't care if their policies hurt, weaken, or bankrupt America as long as they can have control over you.

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The Democrats Unveil Bill to Pack the U.S. Supreme Court
Democrats unveil a bill to pack the Supreme Court while repeatedly telling us that they’re not packing the court... HUH?!

This is proof that the Democrats will do whatever it takes to get more power and control. Their actions have NOTHING to do with equality or justice.

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 The Ugly Truth About Human Smuggling
 This happens daily and often ends in tragedy. Human smugglers don’t care about safety – they’re in it for the money.

If Biden truly cared about the wellbeing of these migrants, he would remove the welcome mat he recklessly put out on our southern border.

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Mass Amnesty Is Not Infrastructure
It’s sad that I’m even having to say this, but mass amnesty has no place in an infrastructure package! Period.

Clearly, improving America’s infrastructure isn’t the ultimate goal here for the Democrats.

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The Time to Act Is Now
The U.S. must take a bold stance against forced organ harvesting and hold Beijing accountable.

Every American should be aware of this atrocity – innocent people are meeting a horrific end for money. This is an evil business and must stop.

The time to act is now.

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 Biden Continues to Ignore the Border Crisis
An unmitigated disaster continues to ravage our southern border, but Biden and the Democrats don’t care!

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Socialism Does Not Work
Socialism always sounds good, but history repeatedly shows us that it doesn’t work.

Ruined economies and impoverished people are what come from this failed form of government because at some point you always run out of other people’s money.

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Talking Border Crisis Costs on OAN
We will be paying for Biden's Border Crisis for years to come, but the real consequence of this goes far beyond the enormous price tag.

The deadly drugs and thousands of unvetted/untested illegal aliens will continue to burden and threaten everyone.

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Migrant Holding Facility Virtually Empty as Biden Spends Millions on Hotels for Illegal Aliens
This president would rather use taxpayer dollars to house illegal aliens in hotels than in migrant holding facilities because the “optics” may look bad.

If only Biden valued your hard-earned money or our homeless veterans as much as he does the opinion of the radical Left.

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Rep. Jim Jordan's Question Was Spot On
Rep. Jim Jordan’s question to Dr. Fauci was spot on: When do Americans get their freedoms back?

Without question, the Left has exploited this pandemic and assaulted our First Amendment liberties.

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The Southern Border Must Be Secured
Biden’s open-border policies let criminal illegal aliens into our country who harm and kill Americans.

This administration must secure the U.S.–Mexico border now!

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We Deserve Answers 
CBP apprehended more than 172,000 illegal aliens at the southern border in March.

These unvetted/untested migrants risk the lives of every American, and we have the right to know where HHS and DHS are sending them – especially considering many are dangerous criminals.

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Biden Caves to the Squad Yet Again
 Zero backbone Joe caves to the Squad yet again!

Not only have more than 270,000 illegal aliens already been apprehended this year, but now the president has lifted the ban on terrorist hotbeds like Yemen/Somalia/Syria and plans to let tens of thousands of more refugees in to the country. Another crisis in the making!

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Rep. Kevin Brady Announces Retirement from Congress
Rep. Kevin Brady has served the 8th Congressional District of Texas and our nation with the utmost honor for a quarter of a century.

Not that long ago, Kevin was my own Congressman in Texas. Effective and aggressive but always a gentleman, it has been a privilege to work with him over the last several years.

Kevin embodies what it truly means to be a public servant. He has been an unwavering pillar in the Republican Party and the U.S. House of Representatives. His key leadership and amiability will be sorely missed in the halls of Congress.

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Democrats Never Cared About Having GOP Support
Biden’s redefining “bipartisanship” in the same way that his party’s redefining “infrastructure.”

Democrats never cared about having GOP support and they know that most of this package has zero to do with infrastructure.

This is just another liberal wishlist.

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Biden/Harris Do Not Want to Stop the Border Crisis
 Biden/Harris don’t want to stop the border crisis.

They want our borders nonexistent and our facilities overwhelmed.

They don’t care if you’re endangered or if we go broke medicating, educating, and incarcerating illegal aliens.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Locations
If you’re interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and need to locate the nearest vaccine provider, please click the link below.

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TDEM's COVID-19 Testing Information
The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) released helpful information for those needing to get tested for COVID-19. Follow the instructions below.
Current COVID-19 Numbers in the U.S.
 As of April 17, 2021, the current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S. are as follows:

Total Cases: 31,382,266
Total Deaths: 563,216

These numbers have most likely changed as more tests are becoming available each day. You can keep track on the CDC's webpage below.

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Stay Tuned to the CDC's Website
Remember you can always find current information and guidance on COVID-19 by visiting the CDC's regularly updated website.

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 Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases in Texas
To view the latest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas or get answers to Texas-specific questions or concerns, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services' website below.

You can also contact them by calling (877) 570-9779 or by emailing coronavirus@dshs.texas.gov.

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