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Babin Reacts to Impeachment Inquiry
Tuesday’s call for an inquiry of impeachment was based on secondhand knowledge from an unknown whistleblower who was not even on the phone call. Yes, you read that right. The vendetta against President Trump continues – and the only real losers are the American people. Even more time and resources are going to be devoted to this charade as Congress goes from barely functional to completely irrelevant in solving the issues that actually matter to U.S. citizens.

The American people are tired of this hoax and are ready to MOVE ON.

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Helping Southeast Texans Recover 
 I joined many incredible volunteers – a number of them having lost their own homes and belongings – and city officials last weekend as we delivered supplies to several communities in Chambers County that were greatly impacted by Imelda. I had the opportunity to speak with and encourage many folks who have lost so much. Texans are resilient – and together – we will all get through this hardship. #TexasStrong

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House Democrats Simply Do Not Care
Instead of passing important bills to close asylum loopholes, protect families and children from exploitation, hire more Customs and Border Patrol officers, and increase the number of immigration judges, the Democrat majority would rather place illegal aliens over American citizens, including our veterans. Both H.R. 2203 and H.R. 3525, passed in the House this week, do NOTHING to address the border crisis nor take steps to prevent another one from occurring in the future. It is obvious that House Democrats simply do NOT care.
Extended Deadline for U.S. Service Academy Applications
ATTENTION: With many areas across our district recovering from Imelda, we have decided to extend our U.S. Service Academy application deadline to October 8. If you have any questions, please contact my Woodville office at (409)331-8066.
District 36 Postal Update
I know that some areas in the 36th Congressional District have yet to receive all of their mail in the wake of Tropical Storm Imelda. This delay is due to the roof at the USPS North Houston Processing and Distribution Center – which handles almost every piece of mail to come into the district – collapsing during the storm.

I understand the inconvenience this can cause to you all, especially when many folks rely on USPS for timely delivery of medication, paychecks, and important documents.

After I was notified of the roof collapse, my colleagues and I drafted a letter to Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, urging her to do all she can to speed the return to a fully operational facility. I also asked for further details regarding any mail damaged or lost due to the closure.

While more than 2,000 postal employees have been working tirelessly to get this center back online, the mail must be processed elsewhere, which unfortunately increases the amount of time until delivery.

However, I have been guaranteed by USPS that customers in Houston and throughout my district may rest assured that all mail within the system is secure, safe, and on its way to you.

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 Damage Assessment Surveys
If you reside in Orange, Hardin, Chambers, Harris, or Liberty Counties, received damage from Imelda, and have NOT completed a survey for damage assessment survey – please visit the appropriate link below. These surveys help your county assess and identify damages and will guide initial recovery efforts to the most impacted areas. Please share this post with your neighbors, to ensure they are registered.

•Orange County: http://bit.ly/OrangeDamageSurvey
•Hardin County: Email to disaster@co.hardin.tx.us
•Chambers County: http://bit.ly/ChambersDamageSurvey
•Harris County: http://bit.ly/HarrisDamageSurvey
•Liberty County: Email to LCOEMdamages@gmail.com or call 936-334-3219
 FAIR's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" 
I enjoyed participating in FAIR's (Federation for American Immigration Reform) annual "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" radio event on Wednesday to discuss the urgent need for border security and immigration reform.

Showing Appreciation to our Vietnam Veterans
It was a tremendous privilege to meet many of our Vietnam veterans on Friday as they arrived in Washington with Honor Flight Houston.
This organization's mission is to honor veterans by flying WWII, Korean, and Vietnam war veterans, as well as terminally ill veterans from other conflicts, to our nation's capital to visit their memorials.
President Trump Addresses the U.N. General Assembly
While House Democrats were busy on a meaningless impeachment announcement based on nothing but innuendo and press leaks, the President was busy doing his job meeting with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.

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When addressing those in attendance, President Trump delivered such a strong, pro-American speech that detailed what it meant to place our nation and its people FIRST. It is inspiring to see our Commander and Chief continue to stand his ground on issues at home and abroad.
 Speaking with TxDOT 
 On Monday morning, I received a briefing from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Beaumont District Engineers on Interstate 10 and the San Jacinto River bridge as well as issues spanning to the Texas Stateline.
TxDOT assured me that they are working around the clock to repair the bridge. Meanwhile, I am glad to know that two-way traffic has resumed on the eastbound side of the bridge. I will stay in touch with TxDOT and other officials as they continue to assess the damage to the westbound side.
Additionally, I informed TxDOT of the concerns of many in Chambers and Orange Counties who believe I-10 acts like a dam and impacts drainage. I asked TxDOT to look into addressing these matters and remedying this issue as quickly as possible.
 A Job Well Done
 It is amazing to see individuals step up without a second thought to help others during times of need. This is a great story of a young man, Satchel Smith, doing just that after Tropical Storm Imelda left guests stranded inside a hotel in Beaumont. I am certain that I echo many others in saying job well done!

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Howdi Modi Event
Roxanne and I had the great honor to join President Donald J. Trump at last Sunday’s event in Houston welcoming Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to Texas!
America’s bond with India was made even stronger by this historic event.
It was amazing to see the thousands of people filling every seat at NRG Stadium to show their support for this great alliance.