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Rep. Babin Praises President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress
The President delivered a powerful and moving address to a joint session of Congress. He laid out a strong and bold agenda that will better the lives of all Americans. His passion and commitment for keeping the promises he made to the American people is a breath of fresh air. Now is the time for action. The American people elected a Republican President and Congress to get things done. It is absolutely critical that Congress gets behind this President to advance these much-needed policies that will cut taxes, secure our border, repeal and replace Obamacare, rebuild our military and grow America’s economy.

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Trump Restores Common Sense at EPA
I applaud President Trump for finally putting an end to the EPA's misguided “Waters of the United States” rule that gives the federal government unprecedented authority to regulate virtually all water flows in America, including ditches and farmland ponds. Since before I was elected to Congress, I have heard from farmers, business owners and countless others about the massive costs and uncertainty that this rule would have imposed.
It is the sort of federal power grab that I came here to stop, and that the American people soundly rejected at the ballot box last November. I am confident that President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will put forth a common sense approach to update the Clean Water Act for the challenges and needs of the 21st Century, and I look forward to supporting their efforts here in Congress.
House Continues Its Efforts to Rein in Burdensome and Costly Regulations
This week, the House took several more important steps to rein in burdensome regulations and hold unelected bureaucrats accountable to the American people. I was proud to vote for these three critical bills:

The SCRUB Act (H.R. 998) – Establishes a bipartisan commission to identify duplicative and costly regulations that stifle job growth and harm U.S. workers.

The OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act (H.R. 1009) – Ensures that the federal government is transparent and undertaking best practices in developing and implementing regulation.

The Regulatory Integrity Act (H.R. 1004) – Stops federal agencies from soliciting favorable comments for their rules from outside organizations trying to influence the rule making process.
Meeting With Texas 36 Constituents
Had a great time with more than 250 constituents at the Anahuac Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Awards Banquet. Enjoyed honoring members of the community, including presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Brother Danny Biddy.
Joined Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, and other local leaders at the Port of Beaumont for a ship naming ceremony for the Liberty Passion – a military cargo ship that has the capacity to transport 6,500 cars on its 12 decks.
Met with local railroad folks from Cleveland, Texas to discuss legislation and regulations impacting our community and local rail workers.
Had the privilege of meeting with more than a dozen constituents from area credit unions. Credit unions are a critical financial institution for over 300,000 residents of our congressional district. I look forward to addressing some of the issues harming their ability to serve their members, including expensive federal mandates and credit card fraud.