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Unfit to Serve
If Biden is not mentally sound enough to stand trial for willfully mishandling classified documents, he’s unfit to serve as president.

We must have a Commander-in-Chief we can rely on to lead our nation.

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The House Impeaches DHS Secretary Mayorkas
No one has earned impeachment more than Alejandro Mayorkas.

The American people deserve better than a DHS Secretary who refuses to fulfill his constitutional duty to protect the homeland.

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Why Did Biden Restore UNRWA Funding?
“...Israeli intelligence estimates roughly 10 percent of UNRWA’s staff has links to Hamas to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, while 23 percent of its male employees have ties to Hamas.”

Trump cut the funding to UNRWA in 2018 – and Biden restored it in 2021. Why?

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Biden Doesn't Want to Secure the Border
Instead of spending the past three years making the nation more secure, Joe Biden has done the opposite.

The president could end the border crisis TOMORROW – he doesn’t want to.

His actions are deliberate, and I will work to ensure he faces every consequence.

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Demanding Biden Take a Cognitive Test
During his press conference to refute Special Counsel Hur's report, Biden referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “president of Mexico.”

How many more gaffes will it take until Biden takes a cognitive test?

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Democrats Continue to Prioritize Illegal Aliens Over Americans
 Illinois is allocating $252 million in taxpayer funds to house, feed, and provide other services to illegal aliens.

Think about all the ways that money could’ve helped the U.S. citizens in Chicago!

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Voting to Overturn Biden's LNG Ban
 I proudly voted to reverse Biden’s reckless ban on U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, an action that unquestionably jeopardizes our national security.

I will not stop fighting against the president’s foolish anti-oil and gas agenda.

Make America energy independent again!

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Fani Willis Should Be Fired and Prosecuted
Fani Willis is just the latest corrupt Democrat on a very long list of corrupt Democrats who have falsely accused President Trump of wrongdoing.

Willis should be fired and prosecuted.

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Supporting Texas' Right to Self-Defense
When states like Texas joined the Union, they didn’t cede their right to self-defense.

I joined many of my Texas colleagues in support of our state’s law that rightfully criminalizes illegal entry/reentry and sends those who cross into the nation unlawfully right back over the border.

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Another Hypocritical Move
Despite banning the existence/use of TikTok on federal devices due to national security concerns, President Biden is now using the CCP-affiliated app.

This is just another hypocritical move by this inept president.

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Every State Is a Border State
As if the invasion occurring at our southern border wasn’t enough – northern states like New Hampshire and Vermont continue to see record numbers of illegal border crossings.

Every state is a border state.

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Minnesota City Disbands Police Force
Any predictions on what will happen to this Minnesota city that just voted to disband its police force?

A wave of crime continues to wash over America, and Democrat leaders are STILL pushing initiatives that enable chaos over law and order.

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Inflation Increased Faster Than Expected in January
Bidenflation continues to rise, burdening hard-working American families.

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 Tlaib Votes Present
Last week, the House passed a bill condemning the rape/sexual violence committed by Hamas in its war against Israel.

The bill would’ve had unanimous support had Rep. Rashida Tlaib not voted present.

Clearly, it’s hard for her to decry the vile acts of terrorists.

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Chinese Nationals Are Flooding Across Our Borders 
 Alarmingly, more than 24,000 Chinese migrants crossed U.S. borders illegally in 2023 – a mere 342 crossed in 2021.

The CCP is taking full advantage of Biden’s purposeful negligence.

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