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Responding to Special Counsel Robert Hur's Report
The DOJ has proven Joe Biden is a corrupt liar who violated the law with his mishandling of classified documents. The current president has accepted bribes, participated in influence peddling schemes, seditiously damaged our sovereignty and national security for monetary gain, and more. Yet, he apparently will not be held accountable for any of it because he is "a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

And outrageously, the DOJ still chooses to continue its double standard of justice by refusing to prosecute Sleepy Joe while aggressively going after Donald Trump. The DOJ has established that Joe Biden neither qualifies nor deserves to serve as President of the United States.

Unfortunately, VP Harris is equally inept. I pray Americans are awake and paying attention to the unacceptable incompetence of our country’s top leaders.

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Calling Out the Left's Blatant Election Interference
Donald Trump did not incite an insurrection. To say otherwise and block him from ANY ballot in ANY state is election interference.

On Tuesday, I joined many of my GOP colleagues in reaffirming this FACT and rejecting the Left's attempt to remove a political rival from contention.

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House Republicans Warn Biden Against Federalizing Texas National Guard
Biden created the border crisis and then left Texas to deal with it, which is exactly what our state has done.

Federalizing the Texas National Guard would be a disastrous overreach of power with serious ramifications. I truly hope we don't see that happen.

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Biden's Inflation Playbook
This year’s Super Bowl cookout is more expensive, thanks to Biden’s failed economic policies.

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I Don't Think So
We have U.S. veterans sleeping on the streets, and the VA is discussing using taxpayer funds for a sex-change center – I don’t think so.

I’m calling on VA Sec. McDonough to immediately reject this proposal!

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Right on Cue
Right on cue – Biden’s demanding mass amnesty for illegals residing in the U.S., including the MILLIONS who’ve unlawfully entered the nation under his negligent watch.

Republicans must refuse this and any other effort that incentivizes illegal immigration.

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Unfit to Serve
We have a president who strikes laughter in the hearts of our enemies instead of fear.

Joe Biden is unfit to serve.
Rejecting the Open Border Bargain
I will NOT support the Senate/Mayorkas open border bargain.

Democrats have COMPLETELY rewritten the rules at the border.

Now is not the time to codify their failures and make concessions – it’s time to SHUT DOWN the border and SAVE our country.

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Bidenomics Isn't Helping Americans
“Six in 10 live ‘paycheck to paycheck,’ 24% have $0 in bank...”

Bidenomics isn’t helping Americans; it’s crushing their savings and ruining their finances.

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A Dire Situation
Since 2021, I’ve joined Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX-13) in calling on Joe Biden to take a cognitive test.

How long until the rest of the country understands the dire situation in the White House?

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Meeting with Texas Law Enforcement Officials
Last week, I had a productive meeting with Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne and Executive Director of the Sheriff’s Association of Texas, Skylor Hearn.

These men work tirelessly to maintain law and order in the Lone Star State, and their service is deeply appreciated!

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Democrats Continue to Prioritize Illegal Aliens Over U.S. Citizens
To be clear, the same city screaming that it can’t afford any more illegals just unveiled a $53 million pilot program that gives them pre-paid credit cards…

The Left continues to put illegal aliens FIRST and law-abiding U.S. citizens LAST.

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Biden Is Destroying U.S. Energy Independence
My friend Wayne Christian, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, hit the nail on the head in his Op-Ed below.

Biden’s methane rule is a disaster that is hurting jobs and producers and destroying our chances to restore America’s energy independence.

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 Recognizing National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Women’s sports are meant for biological women.

I will always fight to protect our female athletes.

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Protection of Women in Olympic and Amateur Sports Act (H.R. 7187)
This bill prohibits any governing body recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee from allowing men to participate in any athletic event intended for females.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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