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Babin Files Bill to Protect Taxpayers and Prohibit Federal Bailouts of State and Local Pension Systems
This week, I introduced the State and Local Pensions Accountability and Security Act, legislation that will protect taxpayers by prohibiting the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve from bailing out mismanaged state and local government pension systems. Our bill sends a clear message to municipal and local governments, many of which are plagued by mishandling and outright corruption, that they have a duty to fulfill the promises they have made to their employees and should not be expecting a federal bailout. Simply put, Texas taxpayers should not be forced to bailout over generous pension plans in California, Chicago and New York. To learn more, click here.
Hearing on Past, Present and Future of NASA
The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held a hearing this week on the past, present and future of NASA. In the seven decades since NASA’s birth, astronauts have walked on the lunar surface, spacecraft have ventured out into the interstellar void, and telescopes have discovered thousands of planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy. But those exciting achievements were not free. It is very difficult to explore a universe of infinite wonder with a finite budget. We must prioritize our visions and destinations in a way that reflects responsible stewardship of American taxpayer dollars.

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Fortunately, the election of a new Administration and the start of a new
Congress have given us an important opportunity to think about our space program and consider bold new directions for our future in space. NASA’s hard work over many decades is on track to provide the nation with the tools it needs to make a bigger, bolder future in space. Now is the time to start talking about what that future will look like.
Babin Joins C-SPAN to Discuss His Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act (H.R. 82)
I joined C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this week to discuss my Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act (H.R. 82) and why it is necessary to stop this revolving door that is allowing dangerous criminals who should be deported back onto our streets. My bill is simple – if a country refuses to take back their criminal aliens, then they no longer get U.S. aid or visas. This is a common-sense solution that will help keep Americans safe from dangerous individuals who should not be in the United States.

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Also, as ICE continues taking steps to protect Americans by removing criminal aliens, liberal protesters and the media are failing to report all the facts. In fact, such ICE actions have been going on for years. Among those arrested in recent days for deportation include criminal aliens convicted of homicide, drug trafficking, sexual assault, DUI and weapons offenses. In San Antonio, these raids led to the arrest of a criminal alien who pled guilty to the sexual assault of a child. We should be applauding these actions to make our communities safer rather than condemning them.
Snap-shots from the Week
Enjoyed meeting with constituent, Robert Van Pelt, who is President of USW Local 1398 in Orange, Texas. We had a great discussion on the issues of over regulation and its impact on local jobs in Southeast Texas.
Had a great meeting with Lee College President, Dr. Dennis Brown, Chairman of the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees, Dan Mims, and San Jacinto College Vice Chancellor, Teri Crawford. We had a very productive discussion on workforce training and college affordability.
Thank you to the thousands of folks across the 36th Congressional District of Texas for participating in Thursday night's telephone town hall meeting. Looking forward to doing it again very soon. To be included in the next conversation, please sign up here.