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Babin Speaks at The Southeast Texas Rice Symposium
This week, I was pleased to meet with local rice farmers at the Southeast Texas Rice Symposium yesterday in Winnie, Texas. Rice is such an important crop grown in District 36th and I am always happy to visit rice farmers and learn about their needs and challenges. This is particularly important as the US Congress will consider legislation later this year to reauthorize our nation’s farm program.
Calling for a Full Investigation After Exposure of Troubling Texts from Top FBI Investigators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Text Messages
These text messages from high ranking FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show the depth of anti-Trump bias at the FBI and DOJ, which we now know included the existence of a “secret society” to coordinate their efforts. The texts reveal an intent by these FBI officials to bypass requirements that all of their texts be preserved.  They even discussed moving to unsecure personal email addresses and computers in violation of FBI policies – even while they were investigating Hillary Clinton for the same violations!

These texts state that Hillary would not be indicted…before she was even interviewed and they talk about an “insurance plan” should Trump be elected. When coincidence after coincidence happens it points to willful intent to betray the public trust. We have seen example after example of anti-Trump bias at the highest levels of the FBI and the Obama Department of Justice. I demand the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate and hold accountable those who abused the public trust.

Update on the Schumer Shutdown

I am pleased Senate Democrats finally came to their senses and ended the Schumer Shutdown. But let’s be clear: For 3 days, they held our troops and children’s health care hostage in order to get their way on illegal immigration. In the end, their reckless tactics didn't work and common sense prevailed. It's my hope that Senator Schumer learned his lesson and will start focusing on the concerns of America’s citizens.

The American people deserve much better than politically manufactured shutdowns that put a hand full of illegal immigrants over the safety of the American public.  We need the Senate to pass the Harvey Disaster Supplemental Funding bill that has been waiting for their approval since the House passed it in December.
Babin Congratulates Chambers County Sherriff Brian Hawthorne
I would like to congratulate my good friend Chamber’s County Sherriff Brian Hawthorne on being awarded Person of the Year by the West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce last night. Our District Representative, Will Carter, presented Sherriff Hawthorne with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in honor of this well-deserved achievement and his leadership and tireless efforts during Hurricane Harvey, while solving a nationally publicized missing persons/murder case. I would also like to extend my thanks to the entire Chambers County Sherriff’s Office for their continued hard work.
Release the FISA Memo So Public Will See Extent of Obama’s FBI/DOJ Anti-Trump Bias
I have read the four-page memo from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and am shocked and terribly concerned about the corruption of the Obama Administration that has persisted into the current FBI and DOJ.
This week, I signed onto Congressman Matt Gaetz's letter to Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, asking for the memo to be released for the public to read. I believe the American people deserve to know the truth and I am calling for accountability and justice to be done.

To see full letter click here.

Liberty Vindicator:
Congressman in Liberty after addressing Rice Symposium

After a stop at the local radio station, Congressman Brian Babin was kind enough to drop by The Vindicator office this afternoon for a short visit. He had just come from the Southeast Texas Rice Symposium being held in Winnie and talked a bit about the problems area farmers have faced following Hurricane Harvey (click here for full article).