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 House Judiciary Committee Holds First Impeachment Hearing
Professor Jonathan Turley, who testified during Wednesday's hearing that he voted for both Barack Obama (2008, 2012) and Hillary Clinton (2016), and disagrees with President Trump on almost every other issue, was very clear:

“The record does not establish obstruction in this case… if you accept all of their presumptions, it would be obstruction. But impeachments have to be based on proof, NOT presumptions.”

And the circus continues…

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Discussing the Southern Border on the Evening Edit
I joined the Evening Edit on Fox Business Friday evening to discuss the ongoing cartel violence in Mexico and what America should do about it. Listen below!

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 Congress Must Pass the USMCA
The USMCA impacts nearly every American industry. We have waited for more than a year to vote on this bipartisan bill that will push America forward. The support is there - why haven't we voted to pass this bill?
Thanks to Congressmen Jodey Arrington, Kevin Brady, and Henry Cuellar for hosting Thursday's press conference.
 The November Jobs Report Is In
 America’s economy saw another great month! November delivered:

✅ 266,000 jobs new jobs
✅ An unemployment rate of 3.5% - a 50-year low
✅ Soaring wages

While House Democrats chase impeachment, Americans take advantage of the thriving economy put in place by President Trump.

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Babin Announces Date for Lucas Lowe Memorial Post Office Dedication in Hardin
Please join me on Monday, December 16, 2019, to rename the Post Office in Hardin, TX in honor of CW2 Lucas Lowe. Chief Lowe, a veteran with tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan, tragically passed away on December 28, 2016, during a flight with the Texas Military Department.

This event is open to the general public, but an RSVP to BabinRSVP@mail.house.gov is requested.

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 The White House's Christmas Card
 My staff and I were glad to receive a Christmas card from the White House this week - Donald Trump size!
House Passes Robocall Bill
Robocalls have hindered all of our lives for too long - but consequences are on the way. The House nearly unanimously (417-3) passed the TRACED Act (S. 151) earlier this week that will empower the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to penalize those responsible for illegal robocalls.

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This bill would allow the FCC to fine those making calls with misleading caller identification, a practice known as "spoofing." Under the TRACED Act, the FCC could fine spoofing or robocall violators as much as $10,000 per violation, with additional penalties of as much as $10,000 for intentional violations.
House Democrats Continue to Show "Fairness" During Impeachment Probe
On Monday - less than 48 hours away from the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing - Republicans STILL did not know what three scholars (to our one) would be testifying. No wonder the President continues to refuse to participate – these hearings are a joke.

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Sending Christmas Cards Overseas
Often, our troops spend the holidays separated from their friends and loved ones. To show my appreciation for this sacrifice and the many others selflessly made to defend our nation, I proudly joined the American Red Cross this week in writing Christmas cards to send overseas to our brave warriors.
 Remembering Pearl Harbor
Yesterday, 78 years ago, hundreds of Japanese aircraft launched a ferocious attack on American troops stationed in Pearl Harbor.

Our brave soldiers didn’t give up - the sleeping giant woke up.

May we always remember this date - which will forever live in infamy - and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as well as those who answer the call to defend and preserve America’s freedom.
ICYMI: President Trump's Secret Thanksgiving Visit
Instead of spending Thanksgiving with family, President Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan last Thursday (Nov. 28) to spend the holiday with American troops.

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The men and women of our Armed Forces sacrifice much for us daily while defending the freedoms we all know and cherish. I am proud to have a Commander in Chief who always shows his appreciation for our military!