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 The "Witnesses" Who Witnessed Nothing
Over the course of this week's impeachment hearings, there was one major development: All of Congressman Adam Schiff's "star witnesses" apparently witnessed nothing at all. 

For instance, we heard that Ambassador Bill Taylor:

✅ Was not on the call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky
✅ Has never interacted with President Trump
✅ Met with President Zelensky three times after the July call and nothing was brought up

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If Ambassador Bill Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent were not bad (or useless) enough, on Friday, we heard from Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who bluntly stated she had NO evidence that President Trump accepted any bribes or had been involved in any criminal activity. If this charade was occurring in a court room, the judge would throw the case out!

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Do you remember when "witnesses" had to actually witness something? Those were the days.
 Four Key Facts to Know Going Forward
As these partisan impeachment hearings continue, there are four fundamental facts that every American needs to know:

1. The transcript of the July phone call shows no discussion of military aid or conditionality.
2. Both leaders – Trump and Zelensky – have said there was no pressure.
3. Ukraine did not know the aid had not been released at the time of the call.
4. The aid was released, and Ukraine did not have to take any action for the aid to flow.
 Democrats Continue to Ignore Real Issues Facing the Nation
As the impeachment circus continues in Washington, real issues such as the crisis on our southern border are being ignored. Although illegal alien apprehensions are down from the more than 140,000 arrests we saw in May, current numbers are STILL too high (45,000-plus in October). Congress MUST get back to the work of the people or this crisis will never end.

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KFDM's Connect to Congress
  It is always a pleasure to participate in KFDM's Connect to Congress to provide an update from Washington for the folks of Southeast Texas.

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America this Week with Eric Bolling
After the first public impeachment hearing ended on Wednesday, I joined my friend and colleague, Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-05), on America this Week to share our thoughts.

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America's Stock Market Breaks Record
Meanwhile, in the real world, America’s stock market broke records on Friday with the Dow hitting 28,000 for the first time in history. Our economy continues to thrive! Sadly, this positive news was overlooked by the mainstream media.

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Attending Dayton's Veterans Day Luncheon
 On Monday, I had the opportunity to thank many of my fellow veterans at the City of Dayton’s annual Veterans Day Appreciation Luncheon.
I am incredibly honored to represent the more than 50,000 veterans who reside in TX-36, and I am proud to serve each them in the U.S. Congress!

I am pictured above with Navy SEAL operators David Perry (from Anahuac), Clinton Majors (from Liberty-Dayton), and Bob Hollister (from Humble). These American heroes were members of SEAL Team One and fought bravely in Vietnam.
Liberals in Congress Have Pushed Impeachment Since Day One
The headline below speaks for itself. This impeachment inquiry has never been fact-based – it is fueled purely by politics – and has been going on literally since day one of Trump’s presidency (January 20, 2017). Instead of working to build up and push the nation forward, House Democrats have chosen to continue this partisan sham.
 VA Veterans Day Pinning
November 11, 2019 marked the 66th annual National Veterans Day Observance to honor all veterans who served and continue to serve our great nation.
It was a privilege to visit with fellow veteran Glenn Johnson, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs (under the Department of Veterans Affairs), earlier this week as he presented me with one of the VA’s lapel pins in recognition of my military service.