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Babin Weighs in on the Impeachment Inquiry
This sham inquiry could not be more laughable. House Democrats are operating a unilateral investigation against the President – withholding information not only from Republicans, but the American people. An impeachment inquiry is NOT a criminal proceeding – so where is the transparency? This is political theater at its best.

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AOC Calls to Abolish Prisons
Wow. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that ABOLISHING our prisons and having “alternatives to incarceration” would somehow lower crime in America. So, taking away the consequence for committing a violent crime or repeatedly breaking the law will prevent similar acts from occurring in the future – got it.

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Discussing Interstate 10 with TxDOT
On Wednesday afternoon, several Winnie-area constituents, State Representative Mayes Middleton, and I met with TxDOT's new Beaumont District Engineer, Don Smith, to discuss repeat flooding along Interstate 10.
I asked TxDOT to determine the factors causing this kind of flooding and to remedy them as soon as possible.
We had a very beneficial visit as TxDOT representatives heard firsthand from members of the community.
Why Should President Trump Abide by Democrat Requests?
Tuesday’s letter sent by the White House to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Committee Chairmen is exactly right. This entire impeachment fiasco is CLEARLY political. House Democrats have thrown out the rule book in order to take down our President.

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If they are allowed to bypass the rule of law, why should President Trump be expected to abide by their requests? I applaud this Administration for continuously standing up to those who seek to destroy it.
 The United States needs to Re-think Workforce Development
 Over the next decade, a skills gap in manufacturing may leave an estimated 2.4 million jobs unfilled in the United States. This is not only a major problem for American businesses and the economy, but also a tragic loss of opportunity. Read more of the Op-Ed that I coauthored below!

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Honoring the Legacy of Chris Kraft
I was honored to have had the opportunity to present the wife of NASA legend Chris Kraft with an American flag (flown over the U.S. Capitol) and Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his service to our nation.
Without Mr. Kraft's brilliant mind and fierce tenacity, America would not be the preeminent spacefaring nation in the world.
Visiting the Beaumont VA
This week, I visited the VA Clinic in Beaumont where I met with the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (in Houston) Director, Frank Vazquez, and senior VA staff about how they are serving our Southeast Texas veterans after the clinic was damaged by Tropical Storm Imelda.
I am glad to report that they currently have assets in place to allow veterans to see providers while the VA assesses and remediates storm damage.
I especially want to recognize a few residents of TX-36 (pictured above) who selflessly volunteer their time each month to serve refreshments to veterans at the Beaumont clinic; Ray Tyrone (U.S Navy veteran and 18-year volunteer), Ramona Henderson (Texas VFW Auxiliary Sr. Vice President and 8-year volunteer), and Denise Whatley (6-month volunteer).
Border Apprehensions Continue to Drop
  I am relieved that illegal alien apprehensions along our southern border have continued to drop – all thanks to the policies implemented by President Trump.

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Even though the numbers are down, this crisis is far from over. Congress STILL has not lifted a finger to address and fix the underlying issues that led to 144,000 illegals being apprehended in a single month. If Democrats do not get serious about securing America’s borders and fixing our broken immigration system, this crisis will continue long into the future.
 The Houston Newsmakers
 I had a great discussion at Houston's KPRC Channel 2 earlier this week as we touched on flooding, Syria, and the impeachment hoax.

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