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Peak Democratic Hypocrisy: Call for Unity, Then Impeach

I stood by our Constitution and voted NO on Wednesday's article of impeachment.

For my thoughts on the Democrats’ decision to impeach the President for a second time, one week before he leaves office, and the divisiveness it sows in America, please read my Op-Ed below.

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Discussing the Democrats' Renewed Impeachment Push
 The Left has a short memory when it's convenient, but America doesn't.

We remember the violence inflicted by BLM and radical anarchists in 2020 just like we remember how Democrats and the liberal media labeled the acts as “mostly peaceful” and REFUSED to condemn them.

The hypocrisy never ends.

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The Best Rescue Package Is Opening Up the Economy
Here’s Joe Biden’s first attempt at running the country – taking credit for coming up with ideas that President Donald Trump ALREADY signed into law.

The best stimulus/rescue package is opening up the economy.

Americans don’t want to depend on government handouts – they want to go back to work!
Reacting to the Second House Impeachment Vote
It took Speaker Pelosi MONTHS to put forward a COVID-19 relief package that could’ve directly helped YOU, but somehow got a bill ready to impeach the President in a matter of days? Give me a break.

Wednesday’s baseless impeachment lacked even an ounce of due process.

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An Absolute Disgrace to Reporting Everywhere
So, more than 74 million people support the Klan/Nazis because they voted Republican?

This rhetoric allowed by CNN will NEVER achieve unity.

These words are ignorant and an absolute disgrace to reporting everywhere. The Left wants to talk about disinformation? Here you go.

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 Commending President Trump's Border Policies
When the Democrats inevitably put the welcome mat back out for illegal aliens, it will be a major crisis – endangering and financially burdening Americans.

Deadly cartels are waiting for these reckless policies to be implemented.

My fight to secure our border continues.

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 MS-13’s Highest Ranking Leaders Charged With Terrorism Offenses in the U.S.
 I'm thrilled that these MS-13 terrorists will be indicted for their heinous crimes.

They're responsible for countless murders and should be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law.

I appreciate the President's efforts to dismantle and destroy any remnant of this vile gang.

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America Cannot Forget to Look Up and Look Out
It's critical that we never forget to look up and look out. Iran must be checked.

History has shown that a deal like Obama’s foolish Iran Nuclear Deal won't stop this oppressive regime from causing harm – it will only aid it, and we cannot allow that.

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 Your Weekly Dose of Democrat Hypocrisy
Here's your weekly dose of Democrat hypocrisy.

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the glass box that the speaker YOU VOTED FOR put in the chamber for Covid positive members to vote, right Rep. Jayapal?

Do tell... how did those representatives get to Washington, DC?

Who did they expose on their journey to and from the Capitol?

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Big Tech's Actions Are Dangerous
Big Tech's actions are dangerous – both to our First Amendment rights and national security. We MUST be able to hold these companies accountable.

Congress must act immediately and do what it should have done long ago – reform Section 230.

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Democrats Jump to Condemn Violence Now Because It Fits Into Their Agenda 
If you aren’t convinced of the media’s hypocrisy – read the article below.

Democrats jump to condemn violence now because it fits into their agenda.

What about the looted/burned businesses, cities destroyed, and innocent people beaten/killed by far-left extremists in 2020?

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Facts Matter
Well color me surprised: not everyone who rioted in the Capitol was a Trump supporter.

How about we wait for the facts before saying things like “pro-Trump mob” and blindly blaming Republicans?

FACTS MATTER – even if Democrats and the liberal media pretend they don’t.

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This Week's Impeachment Was Purely Political
This impeachment is purely about political posturing and a catchy CNN headline – it’s a disgrace.

Our 240-plus years of proud history and those who died to ensure America was victorious through its many trials deserve better than the mockery that unfolded before us this week in Congress.
Democrats Are Now Silent on Breaking Up Big Tech
Democrats used to be supportive of breaking up Big Tech but now, are silent. Why? Could it be because the censorship benefits them?

No matter your political party – this authoritarian-style rule ends well for no one. We must reject it.

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The Left Continues to Defend the Violence Committed by BLM, Anarchists, and Antifa
Not a single Republican in Congress condones the vile acts we witnessed in the Capitol last week.

Democrats, however, CONTINUE to defend the violent riots committed by BLM/anarchists/Antifa in 2020 that injured/killed Americans and wreaked havoc on our cities. 

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President Trump’s Work to Stabilize the Middle East Should Be Applauded
 President Trump’s work to stabilize the Middle East should be recognized and commended by all. He accomplished what many said would be impossible.

These new relationships, if kept by the new Administration, will pave a path toward true peace.

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Rep. AOC Wishes to “Rein In” Misinformation
Oh, the irony.

Do you think AOC intends for this commission to rein in misinformation from the Left as well or should we expect this to be used as another tool to silence the First Amendment rights of conservatives?

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 If Big Tech Can Silence the President, They Can Silence Anyone
If Big Tech can silence the President of the United States, imagine what they could do to you.

The Left is censoring any opinion opposite of theirs in order to achieve their ultimate goal: power and control.

Section 230 must go!

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Do You See the Hypocrisy?
Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is a murderous anti-Semite who spreads lies and glorifies violence on Twitter.

Yet, his account remains active while the President of the United States has been banned from the platform.

America, do you see the hypocrisy??

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Celebrating Religious Freedom Day 
 Yesterday marked Religious Freedom Day – a day to celebrate the fundamental human right of religious liberty that is guaranteed under our Constitution and essential to a free society.
May we always defend the right of individuals to live according to their faith and convictions without fear of discrimination or persecution.
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