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House Republicans Throw Support Behind Collusion Case Against Biden, Big Tech
We know the Biden administration worked with Big Tech to censor Americans’ free speech.

Both must be held accountable.

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Touring the 147th Attack Wing
I was briefed on MQ-9 Reaper operations while touring the 147th Attack Wing on Thursday. From Houston, these men and women are directly impacting our national defense priorities around the world, and I couldn’t be more proud to represent them in Congress.

I also had the opportunity to meet with leaders from every military unit stationed at Ellington, as well as other local officials, to discuss the current status and future goals for the base.

Thanks to Colonel Walters and his team for organizing a tremendous visit!

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Attorney General Garland Appoints David Weiss Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Probe 
David Weiss has already proven he CANNOT be trusted to conduct a fair investigation into Hunter Biden.

AG Garland is going out of his way to protect the Biden Crime Family.

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 The Second Anniversary of Biden's Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal
Tuesday marked two years since Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A failure that led to the deaths of 13 service members, hundreds of Americans left behind enemy lines, and BILLIONS of dollars of U.S. military equipment abandoned to the Taliban.
Endless Democrat Hypocrisy
Awfully convenient how that works…
Visiting Houston's Terminal Radar Approach Control and Air Route Traffic Control Center
Last week, I visited Houston’s Terminal Radar Approach Control and Air Route Traffic Control Center with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

These men and women ensure thousands of aircraft transit the airspace above us safely every day. It was a pleasure to view their operations!

The U.S. has the safest and most efficient airspace in the world, thanks to those who do this very difficult job!

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Speaking at the Mont Belvieu Chamber of Commerce
Thanks to the Mont Belvieu Area Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to provide a legislative update on Tuesday!

I hit on several issues important to our region, including energy independence, fiscal security, the Coastal Barrier, and local priorities for the next Water Resources Development Act.

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House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Citibank
“House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan issued a subpoena to Citibank… demanding information about whether the bank gave law enforcement information about customer transactions in the days surrounding… Jan. 6...”

Americans deserve to know.

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 Inflation Is Forcing Americans to Spend More
Americans spend over $700 more monthly because of Biden’s inept leadership and failed policies. 

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 Illegal Border Crossings Surge 33% in July
 “U.S. officials along the border with Mexico processed migrants 183,503 times in July…”

The border crisis is destroying our security and sovereignty.

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Biden Admits Inflation Reduction Act Had “Less to Do With Inflation”
“The Inflation Reduction Act is the strongest bill you can pass. It will lower inflation….” - Joe Biden, 2022

It turns out even Biden knows it had nothing to do with lowering inflation.

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 Absolutely Outrageous
What a slap in the face to every person who lost a loved one on 9/11 – and frankly, every American who wants to see these terrorists brought to justice.

An absolute outrage.

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REMINDER: Look at Your Passport!
 If you’re planning to travel out of the country, ensure your passport is valid!

With international travel restrictions continuing to be lifted, processing times for passport renewals/new passports are still increasing.

Plan ahead, so that you can enjoy your trip!

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Prevent Discrimination in Title X Act (H.R. 5076)
This bill clarifies that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services cannot discriminate against Title X grantees, including states, for their stance on protecting life.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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