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Sitting Down with the Epoch Times

 What’s happening on the southern border is an unsustainable catastrophe.

I sat down with the Epoch Times for a deep dive into this crisis – from how it started to how to end it and the grave consequences of refusing to do so.

Watch my full interview by clicking the link below.

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The Democrat Party Lives in a Twilight Zone
The Democrat Party truly lives in the twilight zone.

I joined Rob Schmitt Tonight on Wednesday night to react to Biden appointing VP Harris to handle the border crisis, the release of more than 23,000 illegal aliens in just two months, and more.

Take a moment to watch!

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The Hypocrisy of Pelosi's Capitol Wall and the Democrats' Southern Border Crisis
 Why are the Democrats spending more time and resources on protecting themselves in Washington than they are on protecting the American people?

Read my Op-Ed below about the blatant hypocrisy of building a wall around the Capitol while cancelling the southern border wall.

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Biden Should Be Held Accountable Immediately
Biden might as well have just handed the deadly cartels millions of dollars.

His disastrous border policies are making some of the world’s most dangerous criminals richer every single day.

He needs to be held accountable immediately!

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The Bias in Media Coverage Is Plain as Day
 If Trump had gone 60-plus days without taking questions and then held a nonsensical press conference like Biden did on Thursday, the Democrats would be shouting to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The bias in media coverage between Trump and Biden is plain as day.

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Requesting the GAO Investigate Biden Over Border Wall Funding Freeze
 I’m proud to join many of my GOP colleagues in requesting that the non-partisan U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigate the legality of Biden’s executive actions to freeze congressional funds allocated for border wall construction. Read more below!

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Really, Joe?
Really, Joe? VP Harris is the new point person for your self-inflicted border crisis? Let’s not forget, she:

- Compared ICE to the KKK
- Said that holding unaccompanied children for more than 72 hours was inhumane
- Pushed to cut detention beds by 50%

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Supporting the End Child Trafficking Now Act
The Biden Administration won’t deport “family units” and the cartels know it. They use little children and pretend to be family units, knowing it’s a free pass into the U.S.

Mandatory DNA testing will save lives, so I’m proud to support the End Child Trafficking Now Act!

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Reacting to North Korea's Missile Test
North Korea is a rogue nation, untrustworthy, and must be kept on a short leash. Trump knew this well and developed a respectable relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, Biden can't answer basic questions about where he stands with North Korea. You’d think as President of the United States, he’d know.

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Let That Sink In
 Under Biden’s leadership, the National Guard slept in parking lots in DC and thousands of homeless veterans sleep outside on the ground, but illegal aliens get hotel rooms on the taxpayer’s dime.

Let that sink in.

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H.R. 1 Must Be Rejected
If you value free and fair elections, demand your U.S. Senators reject H.R. 1.

This bill is a Democrat power grab of epic proportions with policies that violate our Constitution.

Typical of the Democrats: if you can’t win, change the rules.

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Nancy Pelosi Is Attempting to Steal an Election
Nancy Pelosi is trying to steal an election from thousands of legal voters in Iowa.

This is beyond hypocritical considering she’s repeatedly claimed there was no fraud in the 2020 elections.

Rep. Miller-Meeks is the rightful winner of IA-02!

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The Biden Administration Is Failing America
The Biden Administration is failing America.

The president continues to put U.S. citizens last and REFUSES to address or even acknowledge the border crisis that he created. I joined Wake Up America on Newsmax TV to discuss – watch!

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Biden Continues to Mislead and Lie to the Public
 Lies... absolute lies.

Migrant surges are historically low in winter months.

The policy failures of this administration are the ONLY reason our southern border is under siege.

Americans are in danger and all Biden can do is mislead the public and blame others.

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The Left Will Not Stop Until America Is a Sanctuary Country
The Left will not stop until America is a sanctuary country – no matter the consequences.

Don't believe this administration’s lies.

“This effort to redirect the reality ... is an affront to our country and to the men and women trying to secure our borders."

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Border Patrol Whistleblower Unveils Details of Biden's Overcrowded Migrant Facilities
"Pod 3A is designed to hold 80 people and on this day we have 694 unaccompanied children with two agents maintaining custody. That is 867% of the stated capacity of this detention space."

But there's no crisis – right, Joe Biden?

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Where's the Outrage by the Liberal Media?
 This is disgusting, un-American, and completely illegal!

Our country was founded on the promise that EVERY American has the inalienable right to be judged solely off their actions – not race.

Where’s the outrage by the liberal media?

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This Crisis Is Out of Control
This administration is actively misleading the American people about the dire situation on our southern border. Their blatant disregard for the First Amendment and lack of transparency is un-American and absolutely unacceptable.

This crisis is out of control.

Read my letter to Biden below.

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You Cannot Make This Stuff Up!
What does the tone-deaf Left do in the middle of a historic border crisis?

Vote to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

You can’t make this stuff up!

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Recognizing National Agriculture Day
Tuesday marked National Agriculture Day. I hope you joined me in thanking the thousands of farmers and ranchers who continue to work tirelessly to ensure store shelves remain stalked and Americans fed during the ongoing pandemic.

Without our robust agriculture sector, the country would not survive.
Even CNN Is Criticizing Biden for Denying Press Access to Border Operations
Even CNN has now recognized that the President is actively trying to keep us in the dark about the ongoing border crisis.

This was 100% avoidable. Biden knows he’s responsible – that's why he wants to keep you in the dark.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Locations
If you’re interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and need to locate the nearest vaccine provider, please click the link below.

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TDEM's COVID-19 Testing Information
The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) released helpful information for those needing to get tested for COVID-19. Follow the instructions below.
Current COVID-19 Numbers in the U.S.
 As of March 27, 2021, the current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S. are as follows:

Total Cases: 29,976,179
Total Deaths: 545,273

These numbers have most likely changed as more tests are becoming available each day. You can keep track on the CDC's webpage below.

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Stay Tuned to the CDC's Website
Remember you can always find current information and guidance on COVID-19 by visiting the CDC's regularly updated website.

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 Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases in Texas
To view the latest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas or get answers to Texas-specific questions or concerns, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services' website below.

You can also contact them by calling (877) 570-9779 or by emailing coronavirus@dshs.texas.gov.

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