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Introducing the Remain in Canada Act
I’ve introduced the Remain in Canada Act (H.R. 7739) to combat the border crisis and stop the surging crossings at our NORTHERN border.

My bill applies Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy to the U.S.-Canada border, providing vital tools to end the flow of illegal aliens into America.

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An EV Fact the Left Ignores
Liberals ignore the fact that EV lithium batteries – made mainly by China – result in more carbon dioxide emissions than the production of gas-powered cars.

If the Left truly cared about climate change, why increase U.S. dependency on Beijing – the top global polluter?

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Google Has Interfered in U.S. Elections
Surprise, surprise – Google has interfered in major U.S. elections since 2008.

This organization's power and control over information should be looked into immediately.

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Impeachment Witness Claims Hunter and James Biden Perjured Themselves
 "An impeachment witness claimed on Wednesday that President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and brother Jim Biden perjured themselves...”

House Republicans must continue the search for the truth in the expanding sea of lies by the Biden Crime Family.

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An Invasion Is Taking Place in Texas
On Thursday, more than 100 illegal aliens stormed the southern border in El Paso.

Make no mistake: an invasion is taking place in Texas, and the Biden administration is ignoring it.

The Lone Star State has the constitutional right to defend itself and its citizens and should respond to this with the appropriate force to stop it.

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Coffee With Astronauts
I had a great visit with Crew-6 astronauts Stephen Bowen, Warren “Woody” Hoburg, and Sultan Alneyadi, as well as Frank Rubio, who holds a record 371 days aboard the International Space Station.

The work they and our international partners do to advance science/exploration is vital to continued U.S. leadership in space.

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How Many Terrorists Have Successfully Snuck Into America?
A self-identified Hezbollah terrorist was caught on his way to attempt an attack in New York.

He entered America through Biden’s open southern border.

How many other terrorists made it in and are actively planning attacks on our homeland?

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Americans Want Vehicles They Can Rely On
Americans don’t want costly vehicles they can’t rely on.

Taking away consumer choice and forcing folks to buy EVs is wrong and will do NOTHING to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the end.

What it will do is embolden Communist China.

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A Massive Security Breach
Biden’s border crisis is the biggest national security breach since 9/11.

This administration is refusing to uphold its oath to protect the homeland – states like Texas must continue to step in.

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Demanding Transparency Over Thousands of Migrant Children Reportedly Lost by Biden Administration
 Why doesn’t the Left care about the fact that this administration has LOST over 85,000 migrant children it released to unvetted sponsors in the U.S.?

I’m demanding answers on the White House’s lax policies that are enabling human traffickers to exploit vulnerable children.

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Welcoming the Silsbee High School Band to Washington
It was a pleasure to welcome the Silsbee High School band to Washington last week.

I’m always glad to share a bit of history and the inner workings of government with our younger generations!

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The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Advances the ASTRO Act
My bill, the ASTRO Act (H.R. 272), ensures U.S. astronauts have the tools they need to get back on their feet once they return to Earth.

I'm proud to play a role in our astronauts’ recovery effort here at home.

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The Only Reliable Energy Source
"American drivers pay 45 percent more to fuel their daily commutes since President Joe Biden ascended to the White House..."

Fossil fuels are the only reliable energy source.

Bring back U.S. energy independence!

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Remembering An American Hero
I was deeply saddened by the passing of my friend and mentor, U.S. astronaut Lt. Gen. Tom Stafford.

Tom was an aviation giant who served a historic role in the success of our space exploration efforts and in advancing our U.S. Air Force dominance.

He was a hero whose brilliant mind and legacy will be remembered.

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 It's Time to Deport
The Biden administration has been using the CBP One app to sneak 30,000 monthly “CHNV” parolees into the U.S.

This Haitian – charged with raping a disabled 15-year-old girl – was one such parolee.

It’s time to CLOSE the border, END this program, and DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT!

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Attention Harris County Residents
If you need help with a federal agency, my mobile office will be in your area on Wednesday, March 27th. Please stop by!

Find more information on the flyer below.

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Royalty Resiliency Act (H.R. 7377)
: This bill amends the Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act of 1982 to improve the management of royalties from oil and gas leases.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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