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 Thanking America's Veterans
Tomorrow, we honor the men and women who have worn America’s uniform and answered the call to duty. Since 1919, we have paused on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month to express our gratitude to the men and women who have served our nation. President Reagan once stated, “For all we can ever do for our heroes is remember them and remember what they did.”

That is what we will do tomorrow – we will take a moment to remember the more than 1 million American heroes who have at one point in their lives chosen to preserve our liberties and keep us safe here at home. Without their service and sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms that we all hold so dear and allow us to live in the greatest country on Earth.

So, on this Veterans Day – please join me in offering your gratitude to someone in your life who has served in the military. I also ask that you please join me in praying for the safety of all those who are currently serving in harm’s way.

May God continue to bless the men and women of our military and all of those who have served.
 The Real Motivation for Impeachment
This impeachment inquiry is a COMPLETE SHAM! House Democrats continually mislead the American people as they try to grasp at ANY straw they can reach to bring down President Trump. The real motivation here is about getting revenge for the outcome of the 2016 election.

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 Babin: Drug Cartels Must Be Designated as Terrorist Groups
These Mexican drug cartels are no different than ISIS – and should be treated as such. I stand with President Trump in saying America should wage war on these monsters who murder innocent women and children in broad daylight.

I joined Trish Regan earlier this week to discuss this tragedy and emphasize how vital it is to secure our southern border. This is where Congress’s focus should be – making sure this type of wickedness stays out of our country!

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Help Me Get the Word Out
Starting on December 4, 2019, rules established by the House of Representatives will prohibit me from sending folks important national and community news alerts unless they are opted-in to receive my weekly newsletter. If you are reading this, you are already signed up and no further action is required, but if you know someone who needs to know this information please share it with them. I want to keep everyone in the loop as House Democrats continue with phony impeachment proceedings and Congress debates a new spending bill this winter.

Share the link below with others, so they can opt-in before it is too late! 

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 ICYMI: Update on DRCs in TX-36
 Several Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) remain open in our District. At a DRC you can speak with FEMA, SBA, and state officials about Tropical Storm Imelda disaster assistance. DRCs are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted apart from Veterans Day (8:00 AM to 12:00 PM). To find the closest DRC to you, view the list below or visit http://bit.ly/DRCLocator.

Orange County
Orange County Convention and Expo Center
11475 Farm to Market Road 1442
Orange, TX 77630

Chambers County

Winnie-Stowell County Park Rodeo Arena
335 South Park Street
Winnie, TX 77665
(Closed 10/30-10/31 for due to weather)

Liberty County
Cleveland Senior Center
220 Peach Ave.
Cleveland, TX 77327

Jack Hartel Bldg.
318 San Jacinto Street
Liberty, TX 77575

150-plus Judges Confirmed Under President Trump
As of Wednesday afternoon, one in every four judges on the federal courts of appeals will have been nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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More than 150 federal judges have been confirmed under this Administration!
Remembering Mike "Tuffy" Hamilton
I was saddened to hear of the passing of former State Representative, Tuffy Hamilton, Friday morning. I appreciate Tuffy's decade of service to the Lone Star State, and my prayers remain with his family and friends at this time.

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Demanding Transparency in the Impeachment Probe 
 The American people deserve fairness and transparency during this absurd partisan process that seeks to remove our duly elected President. The House Intelligence Committee has repeatedly refused to provide other members of Congress with the transcripts of witness interviews as well as been allowed to leak cherry-picked information, deliberately misleading the public. This must end.

On Monday, I sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding just that. Read more below!

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Fighting to End Horrific Fetal Tissue Research
Taxpayers on both sides of the aisle oppose sickening research where aborted baby parts are implanted into lab animals. I am proud of the progress we have made to curb this abuse and am working to implement even more reforms to end this travesty and preserve life.

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 Recognizing Students at the 92nd Future Farmers of America convention
Congratulations to the Vidor High School students who received their American Farmer Degrees in Indianapolis, Indiana last Saturday along with other young farmers from across the county.
I especially want to recognize Vidor's AG Teacher, Tim Singleton, as well as students Emileigh Singleton, Caleb Smith, Janet Loe Smith, Tyler Root, Jenna Hoffman, and my good friend Logan Archer. I am extremely proud of all your hard work!
 America Continues to Wait for a Vote on the USMCA
 For months, Speaker Pelosi has been saying that she is "on a path to yes" to bringing the USMCA to the House floor for a vote. Well Madam Speaker, Republicans AND Democrats reached that destination a long time ago. 
It has been nearly a year since the USMCA was signed, and it is past time for the House to vote on this much needed bill – thousands of hardworking Americans deserve an answer.

You would think that passing a trade agreement with two of our biggest trading partners that will create thousands of new jobs and generate millions of dollars in revenue would be a top priority.