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 Pelosi Sends Impeachment Articles to Senate
The so-called “urgent” articles of impeachment (which sat in the House for a month) are on their way to the Senate. I am looking forward to watching this hoax end in the Senate so that Congress can FINALLY get back to the work of the American people.

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Trump Signs Historic "Phase One" of New China Trade Deal
On Wednesday, President Trump signed “Phase One” of the new trade agreement with China – a historic occasion! The days of China taking advantage of the U.S. are finally coming to an end. This deal holds bad actors accountable and levels the playing field for American families, workers, and innovators.
 The USMCA Passes the Senate
 The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has passed in the Senate and is now on its way to the President’s desk to be signed into law. Another promise kept by President Trump – and our economy and workforce will benefit greatly!

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Polar Opposite Priorities
My friend and colleague Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-01) paints a clear picture of the polar opposite priorities of the President and the Speaker of the House. While Trump continues to make the U.S. a stronger and more prosperous nation – Democrats ONLY focus on getting rid of him. What a disgrace. 
Sympathizing with Iranian Protesters
 I support and sympathize with the thousands of Iranians protesting against their oppressive, radical Islamic regime – which sponsors terrorism world-wide – and pray for their swift liberation.

Could it be that key Democrats are silent because protesters went against their narrative by blaming their government instead of President Trump?

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100 New Miles of Border Wall Completed
Good news coming from our southern border: the first 100 miles of new border wall have been completed, and we are on track to have 450 miles completed or under construction by the end of this year! 

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Pelosi Avoids Supporting Iranian Protesters
Simple question: Do you support these protesters? I'm not sure why this was such a difficult question for Speaker Pelosi to answer. You'd think it would be an obvious "yes."

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The Tragic Consequences of Sanctuary City Policies
I am disgusted. To sanctuary city officials: Are you still proud that you do not comply with federal law?

Americans are being brutally attacked and murdered because of your deeply flawed policies.

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ICYMI: Speaker Pelosi Selects Impeachment Managers
 Speaker Pelosi named her seven impeachment managers – six of them supported the impeachment of President Trump before the whistleblower complaint was even filed.

Let the second round of the charade begin.

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 Border Security Caucus Meeting
Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05) and I held our monthly House Border Security Caucus meeting on Tuesday morning.
We welcomed U.S. Border Patrol Chief, Carla Provost, and Acting U.S. Border Patrol Deputy Chief, Rodney Scott, this week to discuss border security and the many challenges that Customs and Border Patrol currently faces.
 First Space Force Chief is Sworn In
 It’s official: the U.S. Space Force now has its first-ever Chief of Space Operations – General John “Jay” Raymond – an obvious choice! This is a great step as the Trump Administration's vision for America’s Space Force becomes even more of a reality.

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 Remembering U.S. Army Specialist Jacoby McFarland
It was heartwarming to see so many folks lining the streets and highways on Monday to pay their respects to U.S. Army Specialist and Jasper native Jacoby McFarland.

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I am proud to reside in a town and community that truly loves America’s service men and women. Specialist McFarland’s family and loved ones remain in my prayers during this tragic time.
 Celebrating Religious Freedom Day
Thursday marked Religious Freedom Day, a time to celebrate the fundamental human right of religious liberty that is guaranteed under our Constitution and essential to a free society.
May we always defend the right of individuals to live according to their faith and convictions without fear of discrimination or persecution.
Celebrating the Reelection of President Tsai Ing-wen
Congratulations to President Tsai Ing-wen on her historic reelection victory. The people of Taiwan have spoken – they will not give into the dangerous ideals of Communist China. I support President Tsai Ing-wen in her fight for a free and democratic Taiwan.

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Lowest Unemployment Rate in 50 Years
The last time America's unemployment rate was this low, we were watching U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their first steps on the surface of the Moon in 1969.
Congratulating the LSU Tigers
Let’s give a congratulations as big as Texas to our next-door neighbor, the LSU Tigers, for their tremendous victory over Clemson to win the National Championship. Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow led his team in a historic season under Coach Ed Orgeron. Both of these men overcame adversity and setbacks earlier in their careers to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

The countdown has officially begun for LSU's rematch with our Aggies and Longhorns next season, but for now we'll say: Geaux Tigers!