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Two Standards of Justice
There are two standards of justice under Biden’s weaponized FBI.

Biden’s allies operate with absolute immunity while his opponents are persecuted relentlessly. It cannot continue!

I joined One America News to discuss this, Ukraine’s potential admittance to NATO, and more – watch below!

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Absolutely Un-American
Blue states love degrading the rights and benefits of U.S. citizens in favor of incentivizing illegal immigration.

It’s un-American.

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The Sound of Freedom Continues to Succeed
I'm so glad to see Americans take an interest in this film and the horrific industry it sheds light on.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world.

Biden’s open-border policies only ensure it continues to thrive.

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 Another Inconclusive Investigation
 Just like the “investigation” into the Supreme Court leak! If it points to any Democrat wrongdoing, the outcome is “inconclusive.”

The liberal media will do the bidding of the Democrat party and sweep this one under the rug as well.

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Exposing Fauci's Lies
Fauci lied, and Americans died.

There must be consequences.

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 Pushing for Military Readiness Over Military Wokeness
"Shorthand for 'diversity, equity, and inclusion,' DEI is a poisonous ideology that’s dismissive of merit and discriminates based on characteristics such as skin color and sexual orientation.”

Biden's woke DEI agenda has no place in our military.

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 FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies Before Congress
 Avoid and deflect – FBI Director Wray's go-to strategy.

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Defund the Police Movement Wrecks America's Third-Largest City
Chicago is a prime example of what happens when chaos is allowed to supersede law and order.

Leftists chose this reality. Law-abiding Americans suffer as a consequence.

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Congress Launches Probe into Scandal-Plagued Biden Iran Envoy
 Biden’s secretly trying to revamp Obama’s failed Iran Nuclear Deal and award the Ayatollah with billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

To make a bad decision worse, our U.S.-Iran envoy had his security clearance revoked, and the State Department lied to Congress about it.

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Supporting the House NDAA
I proudly voted for the House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Friday!

Pro-America wins in this bill include:

   - Increases troop pay
                - Prohibits funds for abortion-related expenses
  - Stops CRT agenda
            - Bans military drag shows
 - Counters the CCP
             - Audits Ukraine aid money
        - Fights cartel traffickers
   - Combats wokeness
        - Saves taxpayer dollars

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Visiting with the President of the Texas Farm Bureau
It was great visiting with Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening in DC last week.

Russell’s a full-time farmer/dairyman, and I appreciate him and the Texas Farm Bureau for standing up for Texas agriculture, small businesses, and conservative family values.

I'm proud to have been a bureau member for over 40 years.
 It Pays to be a Biden
 This doesn't even take into account the money from Communist China!

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The Biden Administration Expands the CBP One App to Accept Up to 522,000 Asylum Seekers Per Year
Biden continues to prove he’s using the CBP One app to funnel illegals into the nation.

Remember, this number is on top of the hundreds of thousands still flooding across the southern border monthly.

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This Is Abhorrent
In no world should the Pentagon be funding procedures capable of sterilizing children.

Shame on the elected officials who continue to prioritize a warped, woke agenda over the safety of America's kids.

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 Biden's DOJ Censored Americans
The House Weaponization Committee continues to expose the DOJ’s blatant censorship of Americans.

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An Agenda in the Making
The Left’s woke agenda didn’t happen overnight.

Legendary actor and patriot Charlton Heston saw it happening decades ago.

Take a moment to watch for yourself!

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REMINDER: Look at Your Passport!
 If you’re planning to travel out of the country, ensure your passport is valid!

With international travel restrictions continuing to be lifted, processing times for passport renewals/new passports are still increasing.

Plan ahead, so that you can enjoy your trip!

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B-VERIFY Act (H.R. 4546)
This bill improves border security, protects children, and deters asylum and immigration fraud by requiring the collection of biometric information from non-citizens.

ACE Act (H.R. 4563)
This bill implements common-sense election integrity reforms by removing federal policies that stand in their way.
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