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Taking Action to Protect the American People
On Wednesday, the House acted to protect the American people from being targeted, surveilled, or influenced by the CCP.

It's time for TikTok to break up with Beijing.

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What Biden Does Next Will Determine Whether a Mass Seaborne Migration Crisis Develops With Haitians
The chaos occurring in Haiti is concerning, but it must not be allowed to come to our shores via a seaborne migration crisis.

We cannot afford any more unvetted illegals being blindly released into the interior of the nation.

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Biden Was Not Exonerated
"We identified evidence that the President [biden] willfully retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency, when he was a private citizen." – former Special Counsel Robert Hur

Joe Biden was NOT exonerated.

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The J6 Committee Hid Evidence
 A new report alleges the J6 Committee hid evidence confirming that Donald Trump requested National Guard assistance before January 6, 2021.

This is further proof that this partisan committee was a total farce.

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More Than 8 Million Asylum Seekers Will Soon Live in the U.S.
“The United States is expected to be grappling with more than 8 million asylum seekers and migrants who will have crossed over the southern border by September.”

The vulnerabilities that Biden has deliberately subjected us to should scare and enrage every American.

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Americans Continue to Struggle Under Bidenomics
Higher rates and denied loans are the reality Americans now face under Bidenomics.

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Comparing Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Proposals
America’s treasury is not limitless.

Check out Biden’s $7.3 TRILLION Fiscal Year 2025 budget proposal compared to the GOP’s below!

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Republicans to Spearhead Oversight Hearing on Growing Chinese Threat to U.S. Agriculture
China’s continual purchase of U.S. agricultural land must be stopped.

We cannot allow Beijing to jeopardize our food and national security.

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This Is Wrong
The Left’s not only pushing minors to change or ruin their bodies permanently – they’re working to ensure parents have ZERO say in it or any legal recourse.

It’s wrong, and I won’t stand for it.

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Senator Schumer Should Resign
 Instead of securing our borders or our own elections, Senate Democrat "Leader" Chuck Schumer is now plotting to overthrow Israel’s duly elected prime minister while they’re waging war on Hamas terrorists.

Disgraceful – he should resign!

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Meeting With the Beaumont City Council
I gladly welcomed members of the Beaumont City Council to Washington last week.

We had a very productive discussion about ways to ensure the city’s future is prosperous!

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A Consequence of Prioritizing Wokeness Over Everything Else
Clearly, the Veterans Affairs’ DEI office is doing everything BUT help our veterans.

This is what happens when wokeness reigns over common sense, decency, and the real goal of the mission.

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Gas Prices Hit 4-Month High
Gas prices are once again on the rise – the intended result of a president working tirelessly to cripple U.S. oil and gas and push electric vehicles.

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Billions Invested in Haiti Since 2010 Earthquake Have Not Improved Country
We can’t just mindlessly fund failed states.

The U.S. has sent $13.5 BILLION to Haiti since 2010 – and the country is once again in a state of upheaval.

Simply sending more taxpayer dollars to Haiti won’t solve any problems.

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 Recognizing the Service of Texas Ranger Brandon Bess
 In its 200-year history, only the finest lawmen have had the honor of calling themselves Texas Rangers – Brandon Bess is one of them.

Recognizing his retirement and years of dutiful service to the Lone Star State was a privilege.

I wish him and his family all the best!

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A Vital Lifeline
Pregnancy Resource Centers are a vital lifeline to so many expecting mothers – Rep. Andy Harris's (MD-01) Op-Ed below does a great job reminding us of that fact.

I will continue to fight Biden and the Left’s relentless attempts to cut funding to them.

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Laken Riley Act (H.R. 7511)
This bill amends federal law to require Immigration and Customs Enforcement to issue detainers and take custody of illegal aliens who commit theft-related crimes while also allowing states to sue the Secretary of Homeland Security if immigration actions such as parole, violation of detention requirements, or other policy failures harm that state or its citizens.
Let Us Help You
We are ready to assist you! We know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and can get you answers. Please feel free to call or stop by one of our offices.

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Let us work on your behalf!

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