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Americans Are Sick of the Left's Double Standard

Americans are tired of the Left’s double standard. Justice isn't a one-way street.

I joined Wake Up America to discuss why I introduced an amendment to hold Rep. Omar accountable for her dangerous and anti-American comments, Impeachment 2.0, Biden's attack on energy, and more!

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The Democrat's Hypocrisy Is Staggering
For literally centuries, the majority in the House – whether that be Republican or Democrat – has always allowed the minority to choose from their ranks who will sit on as many committee seats as they are allotted for that Congress. That tradition was shattered this week by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies.

The show trial this week to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments was a disgrace. Rep. Greene was punished on an almost totally party-line vote for speeches and statements she made before she was elected to Congress. Meanwhile, similar consequences for other Democrat members who have made violent, threatening, and dangerous speeches after they were already in office were not even discussed by Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats.

I was proud to lead the effort in the House to try and correct this unfair and unjust situation by addressing the conduct of members, like Rep. Ilhan Omar, who have been spewing anti-Semitic, anti-American rhetoric throughout their time in office. Although House Democrats refused to act, I will keep fighting back against the hypocrisy and double standard we saw this week.

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Democrats Push to Bail Out Failed Blue States
 There's more than $1 trillion sitting unused from previous COVID-19/stimulus bills yet Democrats are pushing to pass another $1.9 trillion package?

I support targeted spending to help Americans still hurting from the pandemic but sending a blank check to bail out failed Democrat states like California and New York is unacceptable.

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Babin, Leader McCarthy, Houston Delegation Join to Discuss Biden’s Energy Policies
On Monday, I joined Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Kevin Brady, and members of the Houston delegation on a site visit of the Houston Ship Channel and participated in roundtable discussion with Texas oil and gas officials to hear firsthand about the negative consequences that Biden's energy policies will bring.

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Holding Communist China Accountable Must Be a Priority
Holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable MUST be a priority. They abuse human rights – from forced abortions/sterilization to mass genocide of religious groups.

I asked for this Administration to stand up for the rights to life, human dignity, and religious freedom for all people.

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Biden Continues to Kill U.S. Jobs
He really should be called “Joe the Job Killer".

Raising the minimum wage to $15 will seriously hurt our economy and small businesses and could kill up to 3.7 million jobs.

Many who are already struggling to keep their doors open because of the pandemic will have to close forever.

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The Future of Our First Amendment Is in Jeopardy
Big Tech's biased censorship is out of control.

If Congress fails to repeal Section 230 in full, we will soon reach a point of no return – the future of our First Amendment is in jeopardy.

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 ICE Agents Ordered to Stop Using the Term "Illegal Alien"
Words matter...but only when the Left is trying to be “woke”. They can call Republicans whatever foul, despicable, demeaning names they want and no one bats an eye.

This order sounds a lot like “newspeak” from Orwell’s 1984, doesn’t it?

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 Biden Attempted to Give COVID-19 Vaccines to Guantanamo Bay Prisoners
 While you wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, Biden made plans for Gitmo detainees to get it first!

I repeat, Biden’s decision was for Gitmo prisoners to get vaccines BEFORE law-abiding, taxpaying Americans.

I’m glad we caught this and were able to keep this president in check.

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What Happened to Biden's Promise to Stand Up for All Americans?
What happened to Biden's promise to stand up for ALL Americans? From gas and electric bills, to new highways, to taxes, to putting food on the table – what happens to the oil and gas industry impacts ALL Americans.

Eliminating these jobs will have a ripple effect felt in every home in the U.S.

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Catch-and-Release Resumes at the Border
Catch-and-release = a free pass for illegal aliens to stay in the U.S forever.

This threatens the safety of Americans on all fronts, hurts taxpayers financially, and overwhelms border officials and the immigration system.

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My Question for Democrats
 I've got one question for Democrats: When will the American people become your priority?

Since day one, Biden has done nothing but cave to the radical agenda of the far-left. Americans will suffer because of it.
The Costs of the Portland Riots
Antifa and extremists destroyed millions of dollars' worth of federal property in Portland. That's not counting the private businesses burned/vandalized – ruining lives and livelihoods. Where were the Democrats in charge?

Allowing it all to happen – that's where.

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Democrats Have No Regard for the Growing National Debt
Democrats are rushing to shove a $1.9 trillion bill through Congress, without any GOP input, even though less than 20% of the last relief bill has been spent. Why?

The money you’ve been waiting for is just sitting there.

The Democrats don’t care and have no regard for our $27 trillion national debt.

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Reacting to Biden's Dangerous Border Policies
In just over two weeks, Biden has successfully made our borders less secure and us less safe.

As we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d think it’d be an obvious and easy decision to make sure our borders remain safeguarded – apparently not.

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“Incitement” Is the Left's New Facade
“Incitement” is the new facade Democrats are hiding behind so they can justify another fake impeachment.

The real motive for Impeachment 2.0 is the same as last time: Democrats hate Trump and will do ANYTHING to destroy him. Their lack of constitutional authority to do this is irrelevant.
Just a Coincidence
I’m sure this is nothing more than a coincidence...

Notice the liberal media’s complete silence on this.

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Joining Greg Kelly Reports
What occurred in the House this week was unprecedented and a political ploy.

Democrats should stop and think about what happens when power shifts and the shoe is on the other foot – they’ve opened Pandora’s box.

America is watching and elections have consequences.

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America's Law Enforcement Is Under Attack by the Radical Left
The attack on our men and women in blue is just beginning.

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CBP Deserves Our Respect and Support
The amount of deadly drugs coming across the southern border will only get worse with Biden’s foolish border security policies.

CBP deserves our utmost respect and support. Failure on this front risks lives all across the country.

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The U.S. Embassy Should Stay in Jerusalem
 Donald Trump made history as the first president to recognize Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel, and thanks to his leadership our alliance is stronger than ever.

I’ve requested that newly confirmed Sec. Blinken keep his word and firmly reject any future efforts to move our embassy. Read more by clicking the link below!

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 Human Sex Trafficking Ring Destroyed in California
Human trafficking is a vile business that should be destroyed. Great job to all involved in this successful operation. I'm relieved for those who were rescued and are now safe.

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Democrats Enact Rules They Do Not Intend to Follow
The Democrats: For you but not for me.

If you can’t practice what you preach... maybe don't preach it.

Liberals are quick to enact policies for others but always seem to find a reason why they don't have to abide by them.

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Remembering the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia
Monday marked the 18th year since the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia. I hope you took a moment to join me in remembering the bravery of Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Ilan Ramon, Kalpana Chawla, and Laurel Clark.

Their contributions to America's space program will never be forgotten.
 America Must Return to God
 A great message from Jonathan Cahn about the need for America to return to God and the Judeo-Christian foundations that our nation was built on. Worth the watch!

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COVID-19 Vaccine Locations
If you’re interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and need to locate the nearest vaccine provider, please click the link below.

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TDEM's COVID-19 Testing Information
The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) released helpful information for those needing to get tested for COVID-19. Follow the instructions below.
Current COVID-19 Numbers in the U.S.
 As of February 6, 2021, the current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S. are as follows:

Total Cases: 26,653,558
Total Deaths: 457,762

These numbers have most likely changed as more tests are becoming available each day. You can keep track on the CDC's webpage below.

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Stay Tuned to the CDC's Website
Remember you can always find current information and guidance on COVID-19 by visiting the CDC's regularly updated website.

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 Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases in Texas
To view the latest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas or get answers to Texas-specific questions or concerns, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services' website below.

You can also contact them by calling (877) 570-9779 or by emailing coronavirus@dshs.texas.gov.

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