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Babin Bulletin | June 18, 2017 Click here if you have trouble viewing this email
Response to Shooting at Republican Congressional Baseball Practice
I am deeply sickened and angry by this week's horrific attack on Republicans at a congressional baseball practice. It is time for the extreme and hateful rhetoric directed at our President and members of Congress to come to an end. Despite our political differences, this level of hate has no place in our political discourse. My prayers are with my colleague House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and former Capitol Hill staffer Matt Mika as they remain in critical condition. I am also extremely grateful for the heroic response from the two Capitol Police Officers, Crystal Griner and David Bailey, who rushed the shooter at their own peril and prevented further tragedy, as well as my colleagues who shielded and tended to the wounded and the rapid response by the local authorities and first responders. With the victims being unarmed, their actions saved countless lives.
House Sends VA Accountability Bill to President Trump’s Desk
This week, the House sent President Trump sweeping legislation that will make it easier to fire failing VA bureaucrats, recoup taxpayer-funded bonuses from those who acted improperly and expand protections for VA whistleblowers. Each year, my office holds veteran town hall meetings across the 36th District of Texas to bring the VA directly to our local veterans. At these events, we often hear firsthand about the specific problems these men and women face with the VA. While the vast majority of VA employees are trying to do their best, there are far too many bad actors that need to be fired. This bill brings real accountability to the VA and it will change the culture at the VA to ensure the interests of our veterans are always being put first. As a veteran myself and the father of a decorated Navy SEAL, I was proud to support this bill to help see that our veterans get the quality care they have earned and deserve.

 I'm also proud to have supported the following bills to better serve our nation’s veterans:


✔ Provide Full-Benefit COLA Increase for Veterans (H.R. 1259)
✔ Streamline and Modernize Appeals Process (H.R. 2288)
✔ Expand Health Care Access for Elderly Veterans (H.R. 1005)
✔ Improve VA’s care for PTSD and traumatic brain industry (H.R. 1162)
✔ Enhance Timeliness for VA Compensation Exams (H.R. 1725)


✔ Empower VA to fire bad employees (H.R. 1259)
✔ End the Abuse of VA Waitlists (H.R. 467)
✔ Ensure Failing VA Employees are Held Accountable (H.R. 27)
✔ Enable Congressional Caseworkers to Better Help Veterans (H.R. 512)
✔ Improve VA’s Ability to Hire High-Quality Employees (H.R. 1367)


✔ Boost and Prioritize Veteran Hiring (H.R. 974)
✔ Protect Second Amendment Rights of Veterans (H.R. 1181)
✔ Allow Veterans to Qualify for Premium Health Care Assistance Tax Credits (H.R. 2372)
✔ Enable Veterans to Use GI Benefits for Apprenticeship Programs (H.R. 2551)
✔ Expedite Hiring of Qualified Veterans for Border Patrol Jobs (P.L. 114-68)


✔ Provide Biggest Pay Raise For Our Troops in Six Years (P.L. 114-328)
✔ Fully Fund Troop Training and Readiness (H.R. 5293)
✔ Ensure Robust and Responsible Funding for the VA (H.R. 4974)
✔ Support Full Repeal of Military Sequestration Cuts (H.R. 1441) 
Meeting With Texas 36 Constituents
Very pleased to meet Brooke Burt of Buna, Texas and Reagan Dominy of Kirbyville, Texas during their first ever trip to our nation’s capital. Brooke and Reagan earned an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC by winning a speech/essay contest sponsored by Jasper-Newton Electric Co-Op. Congratulations to these two bright young ladies from Southeast Texas.
Enjoyed meeting Peggy Thomas, Lynda Hungerford, Ross and Zach Harold, and Lauren and Erin O'Brien from Clear Lake, Texas during their tour of the U.S. Capitol.
Had the pleasure of meeting the Neely family from Baytown, Texas. If you're planning a trip to Washington, DC, be sure to let us know.
Red Snapper Fishing Season Extended in Gulf of Mexico
Very big news for our sport fishermen. By the direction of President Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, recreational Red Snapper fishing in federal waters for Gulf states is now in place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between now and Labor Day – providing a total of 39 days. Last month, I joined several of my colleagues in calling on the Dept. of Commerce to take such action as we work with all parties to develop a balanced, long-term solution. There’s a lot of work left to do, but this action marks a huge step forward in our efforts to ensure greater access to Red Snapper for recreational fishermen in the Gulf region.