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- National Police Week -
Rep. Babin Honors Local Law Enforcement at Deer Park Police Officer Memorial Service

It was a great honor to attend the Deer Park Police Department's Peace Officers Memorial Day Service on Monday to express my sincere thanks to our local police and pay tribute to those who gave their lives keeping us safe (pictured below). I personally could not be more thankful and proud of the men and women who protect our communities. It was a privilege to speak to the group and share with them my unwavering support and the work I'm doing in Congress to support our law enforcement officers and first responders. May God continue to protect all those who serve and comfort the family and comrades of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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In recognition of National Police Week, the House of Representatives also passed several bills designed to honor the sacrifices of our law enforcement offices and ensure that these brave men and women who serve us have the tools they need to do their job and keep the American public safe.

✔  Thin Blue Line Act (H.R. 115) - Makes it easier to seek the death penalty for those who kill a state or local law enforcement officer.

✔ Honoring Hometown Heroes Act (H.R. 1892) - Permits the American flag to be flown at half-staff when a police officer, firefighter, or first responder is killed in the line of duty.

Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act (H.R. 1616) - Helps train state and local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges in regards to cyber and electronic crimes.

American Law Enforcement Heroes Act (H.R. 1428) - Prioritizes the hiring of veterans by awardees of grants under the COPS Hiring program.
Rep. Babin Attends Groundbreaking Ceremony for LyondellBassell's New Plant in La Porte
I joined in a groundbreaking ceremony this week for LyondellBasell’s new $700 million Hyperzone polyethylene plant in La Porte, Texas, which will create up to 1,000 jobs at the peak of construction and 75 permanent positions. The new plant, which will produce light weight plastics that are more durable and recyclable, will provide good paying jobs for our friends and neighbors right here in La Porte. I greatly enjoyed taking part in this event and discussing the important work we are in doing in Congress to rollback burdensome regulations and expand U.S. manufacturing (pictured below).

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On May 4th, the House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which will repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered health care that lowers costs and expands choice.

1. What most reflects your view on the AHCA?
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America’s level of debt is unsustainable. Today, our national debt stands at nearly $20 trillion. That is more than $60,000 for every man, woman and child in America. Looked at another way, it amounts to $225,000 for every family in America. That is why I am pushing for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

 2. Do you support a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment?
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Currently, it requires at least 8 Democrats in the Senate to join with 52 Republicans to pass legislation in the Senate – not because of a law or a Constitutional requirement, but due to a custom they have only had in place since 1975. To get our conservative agenda signed into law, I believe the Senate must change the filibuster and require only 51 votes to pass legislation. This is the same rule change that gave us Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

3. Do you support a change to the Senate filibuster so legislation may pass with a 51 vote majority?
(_) Yes, I support a 51 vote majority for legislation to pass in the Senate
(_) No, the Senate filibuster should continue to provide a 60 vote threshold
(_) Unsure 
Rep. Babin Earns 100% Conservative Rating for 2016
It is a great honor to be presented with the American Conservative Union’s 2016 Award for Conservative Excellence for having a perfect 100% conservative voting record in the 115th Congress. For me, it’s just common sense to vote for individual freedom, limited government and a strong national defense. As one of only three Texas Congressmen to receive a perfect score in 2016 and one of only seven Members of Congress to have a 100% lifetime conservative rating, I will always fight for our conservative values and constitutional principles that make America strong.