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 Babin Responds to Iranian Aggression
Tuesday night, Iran continued to play with fire by launching over a dozen missiles at Iraqi bases housing Americans. Fortunately, the attack had little to no effect, and caused zero American casualties.

We must continue to stand against this terrorist regime, and can especially, under no circumstances, ever allow for a nuclear Iran.

Listen to my entire speech below.

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 Democrats Attempt to Weaken America's National Security
Democrats chose to take the side of terrorists instead of American citizens by passing Thursday's War Powers Resolution which would tie the hands of our President.

Trump made the morally, constitutionally, and strategically right call to take out Iranian terrorist, Qasem Soleimani – who was caught in the act of planning more terrorist plots to kill our people.

Making swift decisions when America’s national security is at stake from an imminent threat is the sworn duty and Constitutional right of every U.S. President – and it should stay that way.

That is why I proudly voted NO on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's “Protect Terrorists Act.”
Joining Trish Regan Primetime
 Earlier this week, I joined Trish Regan to discuss Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignoring Vice President Mike Pence’s phone call about Iran, Wednesday’s classified briefing on the Iranian situation, and the unconstitutional War Powers Resolution. Watch below!

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 Trump Continues Fighting to Secure the Border
 GREAT NEWS: The Fifth Circuit Court delivered a huge win this week by reversing a lower court’s order – freeing up funds to build a new section of border wall. The President continues the fight to protect America’s sovereignty and secure our nation’s borders.

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 The December Jobs Report Is In
Not only did the Dow reach 29,000 points for the first time in history this week, but December also delivered another strong month for jobs!

✅ 145,000 jobs added
✅ Solid wage growths
✅ Unemployment remains at 50-year lows

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Why Was This Ever a Debate?
House Democrats described Trump’s decision to take down Soleimani – a designated terrorist himself, head of a designated terrorist organization, and directly responsible for the deaths of more than 600 hundred Americans – as a “needless provocation,” a “reckless” move, and a “disproportionate” response. The media has compared Soleimani’s death to that of Princess Diana and Elvis. Can you believe this?!

This man was pure evil, and the world is a better and safer place now that he is gone. I agree with my friend and colleague, Congressman Lee Zeldin – why in the world was this a debate?

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 U.S. Fire Fighters Arrive in Sydney, Australia
With everything going on this week, it is important we never forget that America is the most generous nation in the world. Throughout history, Americans have always sacrificed when called, given as needed, and stood with our friends.

I pray our brave fire fighters and the many others helping our Aussie allies remain safe while battling the terrible fires still burning the continent.

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 Pelosi Finally Sends Impeachment Articles to Senate
 Well, it only took three-plus weeks for Speaker Pelosi to send the “urgent” impeachment articles to the Senate. I guess she finally realized that Senator McConnell does not actually need her approval to begin the trial process.

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 Trump's Remarks on Iran
 On Wednesday, we heard a very powerful statement from President Donald J. Trump regarding the retaliation by Iran.

“For far too long – all the way back to 1979, to be exact – nations have tolerated Iran’s destructive and destabilizing behavior in the Middle East and beyond. Those days are over.”

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 Texas Will Not Participate in Refugee Resettlement Program
It is time for other states to start taking responsibility for refugees while Texas leads the fight to protect our Southern Border. I support Governor Abbott’s decision. 

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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Our law enforcement officers place their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities and loved ones safe.
Thursday marked Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, so be sure to take the time to thank a police officer the next time you see one. 
We owe much to our men and women in blue!
The Democrats and Iran
Great op-ed (below) by former Democratic vice presidential candidate and Senator Joe Leiberman on the appalling reaction that Democrats have shown over the President’s decision to forever rid the world of Qasem Soleimani – a murderous terrorist whose hands were stained by the blood of thousands around the world.

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Receiving the ACU Award for Conservative Excellence
It was an honor to receive the American Conservative Union's (ACU) 2019 Award for Conservative Excellence on Tuesday evening. I am grateful to have strong allies like the ACU as we continue fighting for conservative principles in Washington, DC.
Local Infrastructure Projects Must Embrace Open Competition
With a price tag in the trillions, Congress has an obligation to the American people to get the most out of every taxpayer dollar it spends. When it comes to current infrastructure spending, the opposite is occurring.

Read more below in my and Rep. Harley Rouda's (CA-48) joint op-ed featured in The Hill.

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Trump Issues Fewest Regulations in 44 Years
The Trump Administration has broken the record for issuing the fewest regulations and rules for the third year in a row!

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